Music conquers all

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog. The Beatles got something right.

It’s the third time I’m hearing this song tonight, maybe it was the sixties playlist.

It was requested by a man who was clearly huge Beatles fan. He was having a drink with his son. They were reminiscing about a time, when they both attended a Paul McCartney concert.

The man informed me that it was exactly a year ago they were at the the concert. He could remember where he was and even the set list performed. It sounded like a humbling experience for them both.

His son then discussed the fact that the everybody in his family loved the Beatles music. It resonated through each generation. They all seem have appreciation for this band even though the band is no longer together. The songs still exist in most forms, whether it’s digital or vinyl. Music is at our fingertips.

Does music connect us ?

The conversation lead us to talk about what music does to our brain. It stimulates us , evokes a feeling, helps us to escape or allows us to remember to a specific time. Even when we hear our favorite songs, we can often remember the first time we heard them. It can often lead to interesting conversation.

What are you listening too?

What’s your favorite song ?

What was the last concert you went too?

Music for me is discovery, that excitement when you hear a new band. Sometimes rediscovering the music you once loved.

The age of the playlist

Working in a bar music is good motivation. There is a playlist that I constantly play, which contains INXS, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Massive attack to name a few. It’s quite an eclectic mix. The mix has become addictive, but allowed me to connect with the person who created it. I found out why they love these songs so much and why we must play this song twice.

I like albums , most albums tell a story. It’s an experience in it’s self. Playlists seem to be more of a way for someone to express them self. I have a habit of sending people songs. As soon as hear a song that I think somebody might like, it takes a matter seconds to send it to someone. There are playlists for literally anything these days, again we have the ability to share them with people.

Even better live

A good friend of mine is attending the Roskilde Festival, for the 8th time. It’s become a ritual for him and 25 companions. An experience many enjoy, again music bringing people together. Energy spreading amongst people. Even live music gets people excited. Sharing stories and memories of the experience. I can still remember the time I saw Iggy pop.

The Artist lives on

Last month Chris Cornell sadly died, last year we lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and many more. They leaves us with their music, the art we can choose to play and repeat and pass on to others.

D. Mooken