Swap Language

By Daniel Mooken

Language can often be seen as a barrier or an open door to new horizons. It’s a way for us to connect with people and other cultures.

Like my father once said

“You never forget your mother tongue”.

His mother tongue being creole. An old language spoken in many parts of the world.

When I moved to Aarhus a year ago I only knew a little Danish Hej, Tak, Vi Ses. In order to continue to living here, I had learn the language. There are many challenges when learning a new language, especially when it comes to speaking. If we make mistakes this can often knock our confidence. Which can lead to frustration. Ive witnessed this in Danish school and in a work environment.

Language is Learning

Swap language is a small company based in Aarhus. They want to help you and many others who seek help in learning another language.

Allan Hermansen and Nichlas Møller the two gentlemen who started Swap language, want to make this process more accessible to people. Break down the barriers we face when it comes to language.

Their idea is pretty simple. You can practice Danish and in exchange help somebody speak or learn another language.

All you have to do is sign up to their website. Find a language you would like to practice or perhaps learn. Then set a meet with a language partner .

This would be ideal for example,if I wanted to practice Danish and my language partner wanted to practice English.

It’s best to learn from a native speaker

You’re basically learning a language for free. If your meeting more than once a week this is a good opportunity to practice.

As well as meeting new people. It would also help you get over the initial fear of speaking in your new language.

  • Learn any language for free
  • Set up a meeting meet in your town
  • A chance to learn a new language

These are just some of the main points that Swap language intend to achieve.

Through social media and group meetings,residents of Aarhus have the chance to be part of Swap Language.

Even if they are Danish or international they have the opportunity to learn a new language and also embrace a different culture.

It’s more than just language

Communication is key especially the way technology is rapidly developing. Language I feel is big part of identity. When I started learning Danish I realized that I wasn’t just learning language. I was learning a new culture and often comparing it to my own.

For the past three months Swap Language have been hosting group meetings at Waxies bar in Aarhus. This has been a great opportunity for internationals to not only practice their Danish but to meet people from all over the world. Also a chance for the Danish community to learn and practice other languages.

As a bartender at Waxies I have had the opportunity to witness these events and also meet people myself. Recently I met people from Brazil , Peru, Canada, France, and Poland to name a few. Each group meeting has been very positive. If you’re in attending I highly recommend it.

The photo above is from the last group meeting. Sixty people attended the event, which means that the word has spread like wild fire. This is a positive activity for the international community.

The group gatherings are fun and engaging, cheap beer and a friendly atmosphere. Its a more engaging way to practice and develop your language skills.

Aarhus to Copenhagen

Swap language has now extended its group meeting to Copenhagen. They had their first meeting recently at NOHO bar.It’s exciting to see them expanding.Using social media to help people connect with other cultures and develop their language skills.

Join the fun

Moving to another country can be daunting, it’s not easy learning to adjust to another culture. Language doesn’t have to be a barrier, but it is sometimes a challenge. Being a native English speaker ,I’ve realized how many cultures are able to speak my language.

Swap language are doing something really positive and making people more aware of other cultures.

Aarhus is a multicultural city.

In a political climate where their seems to be division, there are people that remind us that where not all that different.

This particular company is doing this through the concept of language. Bringing people together in order to learn and understand each other.

If you haven’t discovered Swap Language yet, I recommend that you do. You may walk away with more than just the knowledge of a new language.

How to find Swap language.

You can also find them on Facebook where they advertise group meetings.