Colin Kaepernick Vs. the NFL: Collusion and Controversy

Colin Kaepernick has been a controversial figure ever since kneeling for the National Anthem in an NFL game during the 2016 season. Whether people think that he’s an activist expressing himself and his opinions, or that he’s a traitor guilty of treason against American nationalism: the publicity he’s received in the last year has sparked divisiveness amongst many NFL fans.

Kaepernick claims that the NFL owners have committed collusion to not hire him based on his right to free speech. He believes that if not for his political protest, he would otherwise have a job in NFL — which violates his right to free speech. When he claims that he’s talented enough to have a job in the NFL, it’s hard to argue with. If someone tries telling me that Kaepernick wasn’t better than several of the quarterbacks who had starting jobs at the beginning of the season, I think you should go back and watch the tapes. Mike Glennon couldn’t throw anything besides football games. Tom Savage’s play was pure savagery to the position, and Jay Cutler? Really? Jay Cutler? The Dolphins had to make a guy UN-RETIRE to avoid signing Kaep.

“Someone who goes around getting people to sign a petition and who protests peacefully rarely makes the news.”

Do I think Kaepernick committed treason? Of course not. Do I think kneeling during the anthem is a form of legitimate protest? Of course I do. Someone who goes around getting people to sign a petition and who protests peacefully rarely makes the news. At least we’re talking about him. In my opinion, at least he sparked a conversation about racism that America desperately needs to have. Is it morally wrong that it’s likely that Kaepernick doesn’t have a job due to his political opinions? Absolutely it’s morally wrong. Unfortunately for Kaepernick, as long as organizations have the right to hire employees based on what is in the best interest of their profits, whether or not what’s happened to him is morally right, it is legal. Sorry Kaep, you’re a victim of capitalism, but unfortunately, capitalism can’t be sued. Maybe try writing a cover letter to Green Bay: I hear their quarterback supply has recently diminished.