My Experience Bootcamp Day 3.

Today is the third day of the bootcamp home assignments. I would like to stress out that the three or four days have been really engaging. I have a feeling I have been tested in all areas of my profession.

I have gained skills bot just in programming. Through writing blogs I have gained writing experience. Blogs writing has taken me back to the times I used to write compositions.

The assignments have created in me the spirit of trying to go an extra mile to get work done. Interaction with fellow bootcamp members has really improved my social skills.

I now believe I have the skills to go out there and work collaboratively with others to complete tasks. I have learned that the social aspect of one’s being is crucial. I look forward to gaining and learning a lot when we will be meeting again on Monday and days after.

I believe what I have been able to accomplish in the past four days is worth a learning experience. It shall be memorable for long time to come.

Thank you Andela for making this come true.