If we allow for 2 a.m., what says in a few years, 2 a.m. is too late, then midnight will be proposed.
The case for keeping Lark Street (and the Capital Region) open.
Joe Bonilla

Two things: 1. This right here is a classic slippery slope.

2. Globally competitive? Last calls around the world vary, but I guess if we want to be like Amsterdam it’s a goal, I guess. Closer to home, here’s a list of the last call times around the country, according to a 2015 article from Thrillist. Not many 4am times. Except if you live in Nevada or Alaska. Those bars, I would venture to guess, don’t have brownstones abutting their backyards.

Alabama: Decided by every individual community

Alaska: 5am

Arizona: 2:30am

Arkansas: 1am (although some clubs close between 2am and 5am)

California: 2am (larger cities may allow for later times)

Colorado: 2am

Connecticut: 1am on weekdays, but 2am on weekends

Delaware: 1am

Florida: Most cities close at 3am (it’s up to the communities to decide)

Georgia: Decided on a county-by-county basis (with most closing at 2am)

Hawaii: 2am, although some bars close at 4am with a special license

Idaho: 1am for the most part, but 2am in some larger cities

Illinois: Last call isn’t set by the state, but varies between 2am and 3am in Chicago depending on the bar.

Indiana: 3am

Iowa: 2am

Kansas: 2am

Kentucky: 2am for most of the state, but 4am in Louisville

Louisiana: Bars can technically serve 24 hours a day if there’s no law stating they can’t.

Maine: 1am

Maryland: 2am

Massachusetts: 1am for most of the state, but 2am in Boston

Michigan: 2am

Minnesota: 2am

Mississippi: 12am, with some individual cities setting it at 1am or later

Missouri: 1:30am most of the week, but 12am on Sundays

Montana: 2am

Nebraska: 1am, but 2am in some larger cities

Nevada: 24 hours a day!

New Hampshire: 1am, but some towns allow ordering until 2am

New Jersey: The state allows towns to regulate closing time on a local level.

New Mexico: 2am

New York: 4am in NYC, but earlier (3am, usually) in smaller municipalities

North Carolina: 2am

North Dakota: 2am

Ohio: 2:30am

Oklahoma: 2am

Oregon: 2:30am

Pennsylvania: 2am

Rhode Island: 1am

South Carolina: Varies on a town-by-town basis (but usually hovers somewhere around 2am)

South Dakota: 2am

Tennessee: 3am

Texas: As late as 2am with a permit in large cities. Midnight elsewhere.

Utah: 12am

Vermont: 2am

Virginia: 2am

Washington: 2am

Washington DC: 2am during the week and 3am on weekends

West Virginia: 2am usually, but 3am with a club license

Wisconsin: 2am on weekdays and 2:30am on weekends

Wyoming: 2am