Clickbaity advice will leave you more demotivated than successful

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Image: Daniel Neumayer

“How To Get 100K Views on One Article — Everybody Can Do It."

“How You Can Gain 20,000 New Followers On Instagram With One Simple Hack."

“The Ultimate Guide For Growing Your Blog Traffic From 0 to 50,000 Visits in 3 Months."

I think you get the pattern. And I am sure these kinds of articles are popping into your feed regularly, right? I find myself clicking on many of them. Not because I rationally believe in what they advertise, but simply because our brain is easily persuaded by the promise of finding the holy grail of growth hacking.


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Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

SEO. The eternal enemy of editors, writers and other content creators.

For the last seven years I have worked as Director of Audience Development at some of the most renowned publishers in their fields. And while the importance of Google as a traffic driver and the discipline of Search Engine Optimization are no new topics at all, the experience when I started working at each of these companies was always the same: a vehement reluctance to SEO.

Over the years, I have repeatedly encountered several misconceptions that caused writers’ unwillingness or incapability to tap the full potential of search. …

Daniel Neumayer

Audience Developer, Growth Hacker, Data Analyst, Online Marketer // Worked at Refinery29, Axel Springer, Highsnobiety

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