What should i focus on to become good c++ developer?

Let me tell you 1 secret.

There is no secret and you already know the answer.

As with anything in life in order to be great, you should do it a lot.

So write a lot C++ code.

Pick some project to write it at C++. For example I became really good at C++, because I write it every day for several years straight.

And my startup called Iris is written in C++ and it’s beautifull and magical code.

Step 1: Write code.

The second truth is that university is bullshit. I mean you will learn how to write C++ class and how to overload operators, but there is no value in this whole thing.

Find a job. In order to become great C++ programmer you should learn from the best. Find interresting job in which you will write C++ all day with people who you admire.

Pro tip: Don’t look for big salary. Work for no money if they don’t want you and persist. It’s better to work at Facebook, Google or Dropbox for no money than to work at some shitty no innovative company for millions.

Before I started Iris, I worked 2 years for Game Dev company called Gameloft

Step 2: Find a job

Find a role model. Find Jeff Dean, the fucking Chuck Norris of programming or some other great wizzard and apprentice. Suck the knowledge from him till you are better than him. Help him, make him even better. Find the best C++ people in the world and suck knowledge.

Step 3: Find a role model, apprentice

You can also do this by reading a lot of books. Bjarne Stroustrup, Andrei Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, Scott Meyers

Find this names. Buy treir books. And suck the knowledge from them. They are masters. They are the top in the C++ world.

Step 4: Read books. Find the masters. Suck knowledge

And finally start a side project. Start a startup, build something yourself from scratch.
Leave your job. Live with less. When you don’t have resources and you are not comfortable you will grow. You will flourish. You will become master yourself.

Step out of your comfort zone. Hack the compiler, hack with macros, have fun with dynamic and static libraries. Write template metaprogramming. Read more open-source code.

You will need constains to work hard. So

Step 5: Build something you love from scratch

Work more, have passion for programming and do the logical thing. In life there are no secrets. Spend 10 years programming C++ and you will be good. In fact you will be great and if you work really hard you can become the greatest!

Good luck :)

I wrote this originally as answer in Quora