A bit of an Intro

Tell my story…

I supposed my first blog post should have been this. How does a person who’s spent his entire career and college career in Accounting and Finance end up here. A decades worth of learning tossed out for something entirely new. A decade, for a millennial is like, pretty much a life time.

I think it all starts with a little boy who fell in love with some hardware and built his own computer. From there, the obsession between computer technology continued. Did you know that back in the 90’s, the network on a public school as not nearly as secure as it probably is today?

Once high school hit and the choice of a college major came around the corner, the decision for many in my shoes would have been pretty simple; computer science. Me, in my infinite wisdom was like nah, you shouldn’t major in something you love. What if you end up hating it? Enter, accounting.

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