Informatica Data Integration Online Training Program By Data Experts


Informatica is considered a powerful and popular ETL tool used in SQL process. It deals with Data management performances like Extraction, configuration, transformation and loading. Informatica is preferred in Data Warehousing industry. It is a programming tool preferred globally for mainstream database execution. The future for Informatica is on the right mode with a random Informatica professional earning over $ 75000 USD a year. Let us discuss more about Informatica.

Target Audience

1. ETL Developers

2. SQL Developers

3. Business Intelligence Professionals

4. Database Professionals

5. Mainframe Professionals

6. Project Managers

Prerequisites for learning Informatica

1. Basic Knowledge of SQL

2. Basic Knowledge in Database

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to Informatica

Lesson 2: Informatica Architecture

Lesson 3: Informatica Power center

Lesson 4: Informatica Configuration

Lesson 5: Informatica Workflow

Lesson 6: Session Parameters and Variables

Lesson 7: Informatica Admin Console

Lesson 8: Informatica Performance Tuning

Lesson 9: Repository

Lesson 10: ETL Functionalities

Lesson 11: SQL and XML transformations

Training Date

Feb 20 2017

Training Mode

1. Classroom Training

2. Online — Tutor based training

3. Online — Self paced learning

Course Duration

20 Hours

Course Fee

$ 600 USD

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