New reality

When listening to Lovink’s text I can’t seem to fully grasp what he is trying to get out there. Mostly because I don’t agree with him on a lot of his points! I don’t believe that we are heading into a loneliness, I think that we are becoming more and more social beings because of the electronics devises we are using. Yes we are becoming more unsocial in the environment around us at certain times, but to make up for it we are social on a entirely different level.

Kazys text on the other hand is more positive when it comes to global networks, and I can relate more to this. We live in a world where everything we want is at our doorstep. Everything is more accessible for us and it’s important to remember that and use this to our advantage.

Big corporations can now hire and find talent outside their own country. They can use the web to seek and find new people to fit their new jobs that are constantly popping up. The jobs we see today may not exist in a few years so it’s important to get educated in more then one field. Should this scare us as students? probably, but as long as we keep up with the world and don’t get left behind the opportunities are massive.

The older generation would probably say that we are addicts to our phones and the internet, and in a way thats true. But this is our new reality, a reality filled with technological devices and opportunities so I think it’s important that we embrace it.

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