F*ck Tomorrow

Do you not realize that life is a gift?

Life is a treasure we can take and multiply by our actions. Our actions are what drive us to be the best and create our character. Our actions are what develop in us a place of peace and love.

Our words can be actions.

Our choices are actions.

Love is an action.

Look deep into your heart and fill it with a commitment to act from a place of life. Right now is the only time you have. There is no “in one year” or even “in ten minutes.”

This is a fact. You don’t have time to think about that statement. It’s passed. Make choices that bring value and life to others and yourself. Make choices that will fulfill you.

Truly fulfill you.

Circumstances change. But our hearts and minds transform over time. We grow as humans in such an incredible way. Our eyes are windows to the soul. And we all have a unique perspective.

What is time anyway? Why are we fretting about being late to something? Who made up time? We fabricated it. We age, we change, but time stays the same. There’s no going forward and no going back.

You can’t take back what you said in the heat of the moment. You can’t go back to high school. You can’t relive your college days. You can only live in the moment. Fulfill right now.

Do not waste your time. Don’t waste your precious time. I beg of you. Don’t make excuses and end your life in regret.

Do that one thing that strikes fear in your mind yet also excites your heart.

Do the thing that creates a force field of life around you that truly helps others experience something different. You have what it takes. You are so incredibly unique and you have so much to give. It’s unbelievably beautiful how much you have inside you.

Live for the moment. But always make it count.

Peace and love,

Daniel Okon

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