The Fear Of Missing Out

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Picture this: You find yourself in a crowded room at an event — be it a party, networking event, orientation, or gathering, and you’re looking around while you are engaged in a conversation with someone.

Dale Carnegie speaks on this phenomenon and shares how it has a negative effect on the person you are speaking with. The same effect happens when you look at your phone even once during your conversation with someone.

You looking over their shoulder.

You looking at someone else who may be more interesting.

You checking your Fitbit/Apple Watch.

All these are examples of the fear of missing out. You’re hoping for something else that may be around the corner that’s better, newer, shinier. You are looking for the next big thing that you may miss out on if you are still conversing.

We are so afraid that we may just be missing out on something if we say no to going to that party, that rooftop, or that event. We are always looking for something else that we want to be a part of.

Our fear of missing out is killing us. It’s killing our current relationships and it’s killing our souls. The thing is, the most important part of your life is the present moment. In reality, there’s nothing else out there.

You may die tomorrow.

Nothing in life is guaranteed — it really isn’t. So many times your fear of missing out is completely unfounded.

Know what will help you stop that fear? Focus on saying yes to things that bring you joy. If you start to say yes to joyful choices, you will never be looking over that shoulder to see what’s next. Your conversations will brim with anticipation because you chose to be in that place, with that individual.

You’ll no longer fear missing out, but you will brim with an excitement that is tangible. People will notice, and want to be around you.

You will become a treasure to be desired, not a commodity to be taken for granted.

You’ll see that the opportunities increase in the realm that you want them to, and opportunities that you’re not interested in will diminish.

You will operate out of a place of excitement for what’s to come instead of a spirit of obligation for what you agreed to do.

When you start to choose joyful choices, you will no longer fear missing out. You will no longer wonder if that conversation across the room would be more interesting then the one you are having at this very moment.

Each moment will grab your attention.

Action Item

Focus on what’s in front of you, and be sure to say no, or Hell Yeah, as Derek Sivers advises.

Daniel Okon

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