How To Make Incredible Life Choices You Won’t Regret Later

We’ve All Done It

Have you ever looked back at a decision you made and said to yourself: “If I had only done this, than I would be so much better off right now.”

I’m sure you have. There are other choices you may look back and say: “I am so happy that I made the decision to move forward with that [insert decision here].” Whether it’s a relationship, an investment, a job, being a part of a community, or a school.

That’s the funny thing about perspective. We really don’t know what choices are solid until the aftermath. And many times, we know in our gut that the choice was right, even if the results don’t reflect that belief.

The Future Is Never Clear

In reality, many of our choices as we move forward are made from a place of blurriness. When someone says “my vision is clear,” they are saying that they have a vision for the future, but for the most part, that future is always extremely different than reality when the time comes.

For many, back in the mid 1990’s (when I was just a toddler), the internet was this new and foreign thing. A few people had thoughts about what it could be. But if someone got up on a soapbox and proclaimed that we would be able to watch a movie from this device that we carry around in our pockets. No wires, and it would be in “HD quality or even 4k quality” could you imagine the response from 99.5% of the population?

“What the hell is 4k?”

That person would have been absolutely crazy. But today? It’s all a reality, and it’s the norm.

If someone else told you that you could get a full undergraduate degree while in a different country by taking all the classes on a computer back in the 1970’s, you would have sent them the to the insane asylum.

But now? Online courses, paired with online degrees, are surging and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Learning From BitCoin & Cryptocurrency

A recent example of this is cryptocurrency and the recently interesting topic of Bitcoin. You could have bought one Bitcoin for six cents back in 2010. If you were daring, you could have decided against that coffee at Starbucks, and risked $3 for a cool 50 Bitcoins. Back then, there was quite a bit of skepticism about this new online currency for “geeks.”

Fast-forward seven years later, and the price of this same $.06 coin was worth $900 in February of 2017. This same coin on Oct 21 is worth $6,150 USD — that sacrificed coffee is now worth a cool $307,500. Coffee for lyfe.

But who could have known that this was going to happen? Very few invested, and even today, only 1 in 10,000 people own Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The reason I bring up this is not to tell you to invest in BitCoin, as if I had some financial interest in the currency or technology. It is to give another example of how little we know about what the future holds.

I’ve had several recent conversations about digital currency. One person told me how the US Dollar is here to stay, and there is no way something like bitcoin could take over Fiat currencies (physical currencies such as the dollar, yen, or gold).

Another person brought up the fact that the US dollar is backed by gold.

Hold up.

It was. Like back before JFK was president. What is it backed by now? The US Economy — and we know how solid that is. It’s not like we have went through economic collapses ever

I share all this because I think about some different choices I have made in the past that I just felt a little off about, and didn’t make the decision that was best for me. Or I felt pressured to do something and regretted it later. I thought my vision was clear, but looking back I realized that I made the wrong decision.

You Can’t Predict The Future — You Can Learn From The Past

Steve Jobs is famously quoted to say:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backward.”

What does this mean? You simply cannot predict the future. Of of the greatest visionaries of modern technology realized this.

If you’re able to accept this reality — that you don’t know what the future holds. You can look back at your choices to see what felt good and right at the time, and if that correlated with a good outcome, you can start understanding what path to take moving forward.

Going back to investing — I realize that if I had invested my money in topics/companies/things I was already interested in and using on a daily basis (stocks, products, ideas), then my ROI in the last three years would be over 835%!

The same can be said about relationships, friendships, business partners, books, movies..the list goes on.

How To Learn To Make The Right Choices

As you decide to learn from the past, you start to realize what choices were made that weren’t the smartest. Then and only then, you can reverse-engineer how you want to make decisions moving forward.

  • How did you feel when you were making a decision you were happy about?
  • What did you say to yourself in the midst of making this decision?
  • What people in your life were giving you the best advice? And what people have shown a pattern of good advice?
  • What books or articles have helped you down a path that has enriched you in the past, and how can you utilize those resources in the future for decisions?

One of my favorite writers on Medium, Benjamin P. Hardy — shares that it is more important to see the practices of high performers rather than their results.

If you begin to look at the practices of those creating wealth for themselves, you will likely learn to implement these practices and start to do the same for yourself. If you learn the principles and the practices of those who succeed in relationships, you will start to have powerful and thriving relationships yourself.

What are the types of people you want to be like? Don’t consume their content — study them. Study what they do, how they do it, and take a deep dive into their daily practices and what they are doing versus reading about their new book, invention, business, or watching their new YouTube video.

It’s from this place that you will start to understand how to make the right decisions for your life that will move the needle in relationships, fitness, your career, investments, and your hobbies.


Most times, we hasten to move forward and think about the future without even thinking how our actions/feelings/opinions put us in our current position. We only look back to see the opportunities we missed or the poor choices we made. Instead, it is best to look at our behaviors and change them to reflect making the best decisions moving forward.

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