The five steps to waking up, looking in the mirror, and being happy with what you see

You ever wake up and ask how you got where you are? Some of you may be grateful for the position you are in and really happy with your decisions. Others may be unhappy and a regretful and wonder how you ended up in your current physical, financial, or relational state.

I don’t think this is a bad thing to do regularly. When we analyze our current situation and are honest with ourselves, we are giving our hearts and minds a chance to change direction. Here’s an example:

I used to play basketball all the time when I went to the gym. I had no desire to lift weights and my routine consisted of some pickup basketball for cardio, then a snack of flamin hot Cheetos afterwards. If I was feeling healthy, then I would have Doritos crackers (they’re delicious, trust me).

This worked for me and kept me in marginal shape until I tweaked my knee and had to take a break from playing basketball for short stinks. Then those stints turned into long ones. Yet I still had the habit ingrained in me to eat those Cheetos and those Doritos crackers that I loved.

I started to get out of shape. I started to gain weight. I started to outgrow my medium Calvin Klein boxers. I woke up one day, analyzed my situation, and realized I was not happy with my body.

So I asked for help.

This was probably one of the hardest things I think one can do. I think about 50% of people stop at this point. As a male, this may be the case even more, but I don’t think pride is choosy concerning sex or race.

My first thought was to talk to my sister who has won competitions in the fitness industry and had been consistently following workout routines and meal plans for more than three years and I watched her transform her body into a human masterpiece.

So I asked her, and she sent me a workout plan to follow. I think this is the spot where another 40% of people fall off the wagon. Most don’t follow through on advice even after going out of their way to ask for it.

But I was determined.

I got the workout plans from her (step 1). I put together my short term goals that I could accomplish in a year or less (step 2). I carved out time in my schedule to follow the workouts (step 3). I changed my eating habits to be 90% healthy (lean meats, healthy carbs, and veggies that I liked) while I let myself enjoy pizza or a cheat meal once a week (step 4), and I learned about fitness along the way (step 5).

In all honesty, this was the formula for me to lose the body fat, and gain lean muscle. If you have woken up feeling disheartened because of your current state, begin by following these five steps and you will be on your way to a healthier state of body and mind.

I also wanted to provide some resources I have used in my journey to help me stay knowledgable and on top of my game to make sure I am progressing continually.

  1. Keep a list of goals, and put down a fitness goal that is measurable. My example for me was 8% body fat at 185 lbs. lean muscle mass.
  2. Download apps like Anabolic Minds or app to help you learn about different fitness hacks.
  3. If it helps, download My Macros app or My Fitness Pal to log your food intake.
  4. Schedule your workouts in your calendar or use habit apps like to check off a workout consistently.

As we head into the New Year, I hope that these tips help you get a head start on feeling good about your body and also feeling healthy and happy as well!

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