What you don’t know about this very moment

Time is your uncle

Whatever you have given up on in life, know you still have time.

You have time to recover.

You have time to get back what was lost.

You have time to reclaim that dream.

You may not think so, but you do.

Time is relative. It’s in the moment and it’s in the now, not in the someday.

If you decide on something and you don’t hit the mark, that’s ok. The point is you got back up.

You continued on.

You are taking steps to go further than before.

This is the moment of decision. Don’t let “it’s too late” hold you back. That’s for those who live in the future or the past. It’s never too late. It’s always now.

It’s always now.

Don’t let your fears stop you from starting at this very moment.

Make that call, send that text, write down that first step to fulfill the idea.

That’s all you really need.

It’s better to begin to restore a relationship than to not take a step to restore it at all. It’s better to begin working on your brilliant idea than to think “what if” in five years.

Call to action

It’s never too late. Do it now.


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