Elizabeth Warren — Traitor to the Revolution?

There’s no doubt that I was severely disappointed by Senator Warren’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Hillary is the biggest benefactor of money in politics and has worked with her husband throughout their careers to help rig this economy in favor of the wealthy. Elizabeth Warren chose her path from lawyer to teacher to activist to public servant based mostly on that rigged economy. To get behind Hillary is definitely a blow to Warren’s image, particularly for Bernie supporters like myself who saw her stay out of the race when it seemed apparent that Bernie was the candidate who represented her ideals and could have benefited from the support. I completely understand the disappointment.

What I will not do at this point is a total 180 degree flip from supporting her to demonizing her. She has had too long a track record of demonstrating that she is driven by the interests of the average citizens versus the powerful to think that her intentions are malicious. She is far too intelligent for me to believe that her decision wasn’t well thought out. I imagine she is doing what she feels she needs to do to accomplish the best outcome. She is likely feeling the overwhelming fear of a Trump presidency that is driving so many people at this time and has agreed to essentially be the attack dog for the party.

I personally believe that while she has a flair for attacking Trump, it’s beneath her and not particularly fun to watch. As I expected, neither candidate is taking the high road and running a positive policy-driven campaign like Bernie has run. They’re all in the mud right now, arguing that the other side is scarier. It’s ugly, and embarrassing, and a perversion of our democratic process to see two such despised candidates fighting over who is worse.

So long as Warren does not agree to join the ticket as VP, I will remain disappointed, but won’t let what I believe to be a poor decision outweigh a lifetime of great work. I am confident that most of Bernie’s supporters agree with me and that what you’ve seen online is the outrage of a very vocal minority still angry over what was a charade of an election. I would not be surprised to learn that some of them were hired trolls as well. For now, Senator Warren’s star shines a little less brightly, but it would take a lot more than an endorsement to snuff it out.