What It Would Take to Truly Knock Out Trump

This is a response I posted to the following Facebook post from Shaun King…


They need to see someone besides Hillary on the other side. There’s a certain percentage of hateful, bigoted people who truly support him and will until the end, and it’s a larger percentage than we care to admit I suspect, but I know a LOT of very decent people here in NH who despise both candidates and are desperately trying to figure out who poses the greater danger to the country. I know you and many other progressive figures I admire think it’s crazy to consider Clinton in the same league, but perhaps that’s where the problem lies, that it’s difficult to compare candidates who offer such disparate threats.

Comparing the negatives of Clinton and Trump is like…

Trump is disgusting. He’s a smoldering dumpster fire of xenophobia, narcissism, and failure who would be an immediate danger. He would make hate groups feel empowered, threaten relations with foreign countries, support most of the worst Republican policies, and be an ignorant and overly reactive commander in chief. That being said, the president’s powers are somewhat limited and the lack of support he has from both sides of the aisle will make it difficult for him to achieve much on the legislative side of things. In the end, probably the greatest threat would be his naming of supreme court justices. It’s an unacceptable risk, to be sure, and I’d never vote for him, but not quite the instant Armageddon many are predicting.

Technically, other people built the dumpster fire and he charged them to put his name on it…

Just because Hillary doesn’t come off as a mustache-twirling womanizing, blustering villain doesn’t mean she doesn’t represent a similar level of danger, though. It’s just that you have to dig a bit deeper and grade her using different criteria. She has a record, a well-documented record, demonstrating who gives her money indirectly or directly, who she supports, and how she votes. She absolutely cannot be judged based on what she says, as Wikileaks continues to confirm and her voting record has clearly demonstrated. In fact, it’s difficult to think of someone who represents the problems inherent to money in politics more than Hillary Clinton. Here’s a woman who brags about being the candidate who believes in climate change, yet she ignores the entire scientific community’s dire warnings and throws her weight behind fracking. She claims to oppose TPP, carefully including the words “in its current iteration” despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. She talks a good game, but while she can’t back up what she says in public, her record has always lined up pretty perfectly with what she says behind closed doors.

Hillary, her husband, and the politicians she has worked closest with throughout her career have opened the floodgates of money into the Democratic Party and politics in general, deregulated the financial industry, opened countless loopholes for the wealthy, refused to create a healthcare system that actually addresses the real problem, made a business of endless war, failed regime changes, and incitement of terrorism, and stood on the sidelines of some of the most important social fights of our lifetimes waiting for polling to show them it’s safe to finally generate a public opinion. All of that is terrible, but there’s one thing that I think best demonstrates the true danger of a Clinton presidency and it’s what makes me think that she’s not only unacceptable, but perhaps even a greater danger than Trump.

Why Bill, it appears to be raining money!

Hillary, and the system she is a part of, is far too powerful. She is the pro-corporate, pro-Wall Street, deeply connected, overwhelmingly protected establishment candidate and the poster child for what’s wrong with our government. She clearly has the entire DNC fighting for her and despite some people claiming otherwise, Wikileaks has confirmed what most of us knew, that the mainstream media is essentially her propaganda machine. In fact, not only were they feeding her debate questions, prepping her for interviews, running articles by her staff, treating her as a forgone conclusion, and protecting her from attacks, but they did something much worse from the start of this election. Per the request of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, they “elevated” Donald Trump to ensure the Republicans would end up with a nominee who brought out the worst kinds of supporters, tore the party apart, and would be someone Hillary could actually defeat. On her behalf, they played chicken with the country. Every day now, it’s 24/7 Trump, as if accusations from victims 27 through 29 are going to be the ones that finally convince people he’s terrible. In the meantime, they’ve taken the lead of Hillary’s staff and the DNC and chosen to make the email story entirely about unfunded accusations against Russia. And the public is too busy sharing clever attacks about Trump to pay any attention to the content of the leaks.

You know things are bad when you turn to FOX News for accurate coverage…

So Clinton has the party support, the politician support, the protection of the mainstream media, and obviously an endless flow of cash ensuring her success, all horrible, but its her control over the election that has me most worried. Actual journalists such as yourself covered a number of significantly troubling issues throughout the primary, with the voter purges and changes probably being the one truly illegal and horrifying element receiving the most widespread attention. And despite all the proof and media coverage, nothing was ever done to address those disenfranchised voters. By the time California came and the problem had grown even worse, most journalists had already given up fighting. But while even some of the journalists I trust the most, like you and the folks over at TYT (especially Jordan Chariton) stopped short of election fraud, a very select few, most prominently Lee Camp, took those extra steps and ended up with more than enough verifiable and compelling evidence to convince me and many others that the primary was stolen via the rigging of vote counting machines to employ fractional voting. The evidence is all there, yet no one is talking about it. No investigations were completed on an official level. Election boards in New York and Chicago, presented with evidence of fraud, refused to take any action.

This is what scares me the most and should keep all Americans up at night. She stole the election and the majority of Americans seem to believe it never happened. In fact, if yo mention it, they all respond the same way. They call you a conspiracy theorist, dismiss the evidence without looking at it, and exit the debate. That sort of mass deliberate ignorance required control over the voter registration databases, control of the audits where they are mandatory, enough control to keep anyone with the power to start an official investigation from doing so, help from someone with access to the voting machine software, and the willing support of the mainstream media in dismissing and ignoring the claims. Look where the country is now, with money pouring into politics, a rigged economy, very little opportunity for decent careers or affordable education, a mental health crisis, a divided population, police brutality with no culpability, a climate crisis, an opioid crisis, 70% of the population one emergency away from having no money, people dying because they can’t afford basic healthcare, and even our elections can’t be trusted. If Clinton is elected, do you really think any of those issues will improve? Do you think we can put enough pressure on her to overcome what she gets from the oligarchs she calls friends? On the contrary, I firmly believe that after 4 years of her fighting to give her friends and sponsors eve more power, we will be left utterly powerless and I like my revolutions non-bloody, preferably Berned.

So Shaun King, there’s nothing you can show about Trump that will leave him solely with the “basket of deplorables.” He will continue to receive votes from even decent, intelligent people, not because they like him in the slightest, but because he’s running against someone who might not start a war with North Korea over Twitter, but may very well ensure we never have a fair election again. It’s probably way too late now, but if you spent your time investigating the facts on election fraud instead of reminding us why we already hated Trump, maybe he’d be running against Bernie Sanders right now, and we’d all be talking about what his first 100 days in office will be like instead of how disgusting Donald Trump is.

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