When You Try to Bully People Into Voting for Clinton, You Only Prove Your Own Ignorance

If you only watched television coverage, you have a very distorted view of this year’s Democratic National Convention.

When people argue that younger generations are naive in how they view politics, not only do they project their own culpability onto someone else, but they try to use guilt to force innocent victims into being complicit.

If you’re old enough, you saw a third party candidate win votes that might have otherwise gone to a Democrat who in all likelihood would have been a considerable step up from the Republican we got instead. You might have seen your party nominate a truly progressive candidate instead of a spineless neo-con and then watched that candidate be crushed in the general election. You may have watched actual journalists practice actual, meaningful journalism and decided you could trust them. You may have watched sincere, well-meaning politicians repeatedly try and fail to pass meaningful, progressive, socially conscious legislation until you felt it wasn’t possible.

In today’s landscape, people like Nomiki Konst and Josh Fox qualify as heroic. You probably don’t even know who they are.

Your response, and the response of the majority of Americans from all these previous generations, has been to never vote third party, never to vote ideals over presumed electibility, to trust the news, and to believe that it’s unrealistic to expect the government to be an instrument of significant change or to even reflect the will of the voters. So you started ignoring all but 2 candidates. You allowed elections to become about beating the other party instead of voting for candidates you believed in. You stopped expecting the government to do anything for you and allowed your outrage to become apathy. You stopped seeing it as your responsibility to be well informed and allowed others to shape your opinions for you. And you stand convinced that your current attitude is a result of hard life lessons and the wisdom that came with them.

And so here we are, with 2 utterly reprehensible candidates for president and everyone save for a truly ignorant minority seems to be pissed off, wondering how the hell it got to this point. But instead of answering that question with the obvious explanation, they continue down the same path and turn to the younger generations, telling them what they have to do. Don’t vote for Bernie, because he’s unrealistic. Don’t tell me about some crazy conspiracy theory you read about on the internet, because Anderson Cooper says it’s a lie. Hillary has so much experience in government, so she’s qualified. Anything but a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump.

THIS is how you respond when the powerful try to silence you.

The young people aren’t naive. They have what you lack, perspective and motivation. It took years for your perspective to be shaped and your motivation to be stolen.To you, your resignation is reality, when in truth, it’s the result of a process that started decades ago. To you, you adapted to the reality of government, when in truth, your willingness to lower your expectations is exactly what allowed government to increase its dependency on money, gain control over the election process, snuff out any legitimate third party threats, and drive full speed into oligarchy (not to mention allowing the media and politicians to be funded by the same interests and leaving us with a planet on the verge of becoming uninhabitable). To you, it’s normal and acceptable for the government to be our enemy, when in truth, having democratic elections means we’re supposed to dictate what the government is. And to you, 4–8 years of a government led by the poster child for every one of these tragedies you were complicit in is favorable to the alternative and thus acceptable.

Some people lived through exactly what you did and kept fighting. What’s your excuse?

Well, I’m tired of being treated like I’m naive, uninformed, privileged, or bat-shit crazy and I’m sick of trying to engage in rational debate with people who don’t listen to a word I say, clinging to their ignorance and conformity, acting as though it makes them superior.

If you plan on engaging with me, you’d better do your damned homework. If you believe what the mainstream media tells you, you’d better have independent research showing they’re telling to whole, true story. If you think Hillary actually won the primary, you’d better have arguments addressing and discrediting every single piece of evidence proving she didn’t. If you think all the attacks on Hillary and her family are right-wing smears with no legitimacy, you’d better come with arguments that outweigh the mountains of evidence supporting many of those allegations. If you think the United States of America can’t have a single payer healthcare system, effective schools, tuition free college, clean energy, reasonable gun regulations, fair distribution of wealth, etc., you’d better have an argument that can’t be countered by the idea that we elect intelligent, ethical, responsible politicians.

Come on people, if you think you’re so right, what have you got to lose?

Tone down for what?