What have been done


I started to feel that my life is going so fast and I don't feel that I do something important every day. But as you know big stuff can't be done just in one day, usually big stuff is building step by step during some time, days, months, sometimes years. So, I decided to write down every evening (so long I as I can :) ) stuff that I did. Mostly to measure were they effective enough and do I need to modify my day schedule\plans\life.

Thanks! :)

Day 1 (09/06/2017):

  • read rss, study front-end stuff
  • read about Monero, Dash, Steem cryptos
  • sold LTC, sold ETH
  • finished tasks about Spilleren project
  • bought the GoPro for vocation and extreme sport
  • reserved the car for the vocation

Day 2 (10/06/2017):

  • non-standard gym
  • transferred crypto again
  • tried to paint the wall and figure out problem with water heater at home
  • cleaned home a little bit

Day 3(11/06/2017):

  • crypto stuff
  • read project description (ETH sportsbook)
  • done the first mockup for ETH sportsbook

Day 4(12/06/2017):

  • gym
  • started to read book Lovability

Day 5(13/06/2017):

  • made demo
  • started viral loop brainstorm presentation

Day 6(14/06/2017):

  • Martin Fowler Agile meetup
  • Presentation for brainstorm
  • Crypto stuff

Day 7(15/06/2017):

  • Viral loop workshop
The worst day for crypto

Day 8(16/06/2017):

  • climbing on the climbing wall
  • read rss feed

Day 9(17/06/2017):

  • gym
  • set up usb on motorbike
  • made youtube tutorial video

Day 10(18/06/2017):

  • filming Tibidabo, riding night
  • made subtitles for the video

Day 11(19/06/2017):

  • gym
  • read rss feed

Day 12(20/06/2017):

  • started Blockchain presentation
  • bought a bike with Gabriel

Day 13(21/06/2017):

  • gym
  • read some rss feed

Day 14(22/06/2017):

  • crypto presentation about blockchain

So, I stopped to do notes, because of my vocation and friends came for a long time. But I can summarise that it was pretty effective. I would like to continue again when I will feel that I'm not doing work in efficient way or I'm wasting free time.

Thank you for reading and following! :) Good luck with your personal progress!

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