To make a rager
Grifo meu

I find it easy to relate with rage and hurting friends, either directly or indirectly.

I mean really, pacing around the room, trying to vent off some steam is more like anger and/or irritation. Rage feels almost like despair. Like when someone is choking you and you try to do whatever it takes to get rid of that hold, but instead of trying to survive, you’re trying to destroy the source of that feeling. Sometimes there is a clear target, sometimes there isn’t, sometimes it is some kind of frustration or feeling of powerlessness and then it doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a brick wall, a PC Monitor, a mouse or whatever.

And there’s that tingling sensation in every muscle fiber that won’t give until you at least punched something, like anxiety when resisting an addiction, and everything’s telling you to break something. Like having a boner, a willing partner and a suitable moment.

Anyway, if the cause of the rage is something intagible, or even in a rational way out of reach, it takes very little for someone next to you to draw it all and then some to themselves.

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