Materialities and key dynamics of community

Eindhoven, 29.05.2019

The Musketeers reinforcing their community through their symbolic crossing of swords and their motto.

— D‘Artagnan, Alexandre Dumas, Les Trois Mousquetaires

The recent increase in civic engagement and participation through community projects is being framed by some as the “emergence of a new culture towards a sustainable future”. This creates a naïve and romanticized idea of a bright new future. ‘Community’ is perceived as people taking positive action, a universal fix for solving issues through bottom-up initiatives. …

Some thoughts on gardening

About me: I am interested in addressing current social and ecological issues. I’m passionate about growing things, be it mushrooms, vegetable gardens or worms for a Lombricompost. This summer I will be responsible for the vegetable garden at Domaine de Boisbuchet, it is the first time I do something like that.
This text is result of my current thoughts and ideas being in the process of planning the coming gardening season.

My design residency at Kitchen Budapest.

After having integrated living organisms in my designs for more than two years, I saw the need to create tools, that enable people to actually reproduce my proposals. I thereby want to take these projects one step further, from being mere concepts to making them realistic applications.

During a residency at Kitchen Budapest I created an educational platform, providing the necessary information to understand and reproduce my design projects. This platform is about making a shift of mind, leading to a greater awareness towards fungi-related approaches.

Daniel Parnitzke

I’m a designer passionate about growing, harvesting and using locally sourced materials. Find my work on Instagram and

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