7 Best Google Ads examples for competitive targeting

How do you run competitive ads on Google?

Running competitive ads on Google means engaging in a tactic known as competitor targeting. The basic idea is that targeting a competitor’s brand name as a keyword allows you to advertise your business — and, thus, offer an alternative product or service — whenever a user searches for them on Google.

  1. Lyft vs. Uber

There are many case studies about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), some of them are proving that it works (most of these articles are posted by AMPproject.org — owned by Google), but there are also some agencies that prove it isn’t working quite as expected (case study from Kinsta).

This is my experience running a paid lead acquisition campaign for two months (11.11.2018–27.12.2018) with a total budget of €47.064.

I can’t name the company but the product was a heating solution for B2C, the geographic area was Romania (local market) and the core target was a cross-sell for existing customers. The…

First, my personal story with generating reach …

It’s strange how straightforward creating virality actually is.

A couple of years ago while I was managing the local Social Media strategy for Stanelybet, a sports betting company, I was in charge of coming up with a content that can boost our reach and improve our engagement rate.
At that time, in this niche market, the only way to can get reach was by showing piles of money and winning tickets. …

26 steps to boost your SEO + Trello board

Optimizing your website for search engines is not an easy task and can get difficult very fast, especially with all the SERP changes happening lately.

There are two main sides of the story regarding SEO — when you don’t have any knowledge or time for this job, and you need an SEO specialist, and the DIY (do it yourself) approach.

If you are an entrepreneur keen on learning how to improve your website visibility, or you are an entry to middle-level SEO specialist, the list below can help you keep track of the key elements that need to be handled…

This year I promised myself that I would improve my SEO skills, starting with on-page technical optimization, and carrying on with traffic acquisition using inbound strategies.

Improving the rankings for DB Schenker and reaching the first page for their primary service keywords, revealed something that maybe we forgot, while we are keeping our eyes and clicks only for Search Engine Land, SEOmoz or ConversionXL. We forgot that by starting and applying the necessary recommendations from Google and Bing, your website could get a pretty good boost in rankings.

Yes, I know, here comes the magic word — depends — depends…

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