Top Music For Coffee Shops

After calling coffee shops for hours (literally over 50 coffee shops) I learned a couple of really cool things.

Most coffee shops care a lot about creating a great environment for their customers, carefully selecting furniture and decorations to create a great space, but few take the same level attention to detail when they choose what music to play.

Changing the music in your coffee shop is one of the easiest things you can do to change the vibe of your shop, increase how long customers hang out, and how often they come back.

Coffee shops are uniquely positioned to influence the culture by the music choices they make. Music has an impact on the worldview of people who listen to it. Is your coffee shop using that influence consciously?

Many coffee shops look for songs that are up-beat and positive, but not overtly religious or contentious.

I created a playlist using popular songs designed to create an uplifting, upbeat, inspiring coffee shop atmosphere called Coffee Shop UpVibe which you can find here on spotify

Here’s a little more about the artists in the playlist and what’s cool about their music

One of the artists in the playlist, Dane Maxwell, who lived in Encinitas, California near the San Diego Area became independantly wealthy after building software companies, since then he has devoted his life to studying the craft of creating songs that inspire people and show them the beauty of their hearts. His New Album, The Vow, which is available on Spotify was written intentionally in 432 hrtz a frequency designed to connect the left and right hemisphere’s of the brain which improves concentration and work flow

Another awesome artist is Joshua Radin, His guitar music and soft vocals make great background music for a relaxing day at work in a Coffee Shop environment

Pharrell Williams grew up in Virginia Beach, with his Mom who was a teacher and his Dad a handyman, according to an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Pharrell’s hit song ‘Happy’ for the movie “Despicable Me” was a song that was supposed to show that even the most despicable man could be happy, he wrote the song over 9 times and every time they sent it back to him, one day, he had an epiphany and realized what happiness really was for the first time. That moment he sat down and wrote the song Happy in one sitting, starting with the chords and then the words. When the music video came out months later, the next day he began to receive emails around the world of people dancing happily to his song. You can see his video for it here.

Ed Sheeran is a kind bloke born in the Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom, his music is fun, vulnerable, honest and very popular. His song “Shape of You” topped the Spotify charts last week bringing in over 35 million listens per day on Spotify alone.

Lindsey Stirling grew up in Utah, according to her book “The Only Pirate at The Party” as a little girl she had an eye condition called “Cross Dominance” which made required her to wear an eye patch. As a little girl she always loved putting on shows with her friends, designing her own costumes and creating lemonade stands. She fell in love with the violin as a little girl, but it wasn’t till much later that she began Dancing and playing at the same time, her first attempt was at a high school talent show. She battled with Anorexia starting around high school feeling ugly, she now creates music from her heart with her violin to encourage others and the struggles they are going through. Her song transcendence is about helping one person at a time to see the inner beauty inside of them. You can watch her inspirational music video of that song here

Once again, you can find a spotify playlist with all these artists put together for your coffee shop here at