ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. annual report for 2017

Celebrated Lyons + Paterson on 2/19/17.
with Congressional Proclamation from Bill Pascrell.
 Lecture on Paterson & Lyons at NJPAC included.


Daniel P Quinn Newark, NJ, May 5, 2017, NYTimes Blog:

Having seen the spellbinding premiere of PACIFIC OVERTURES, I am weary of Mr. Doyle’s conceits from his first SWEENEY TODD with (actors playing instruments) to his lesser take on COMPANY (again I saw the original) to his disastrous wall moving PETER GRIMES at The Met. . Audiences who never saw the original Sondheim shows may find these adequate, but in a very weird way they are a diminution and distortion of the original works as well. Cheap is cheap.

At this point less and not more of Doyle’s takes would be welcome.

10 Recommend on NYTimes web.

Daniel P Quinn read at the Willliam Carlos Williams Center on Tue 6/7/17.

We were at Luigi’s 6/22 in Newark, NJ, 
+ July 11th at Biricchino for 
Fundraising event(s).

Weds. 8/23/17 at 730pm.
Mark Decker, Esq, was our special guest 
to discuss SACCO & VANZETTI with me: via #constantcontact.

Newark Italian Emigration in the 1920's.
with “organzied labor” ( + Book Signing:
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., + Daniel P Quinn.
Weds. 9/13/17 at 7pm. 
 Special thanks to Express Newark, a Rutgers University-
Newark Collaboratory, for co-hosting our event.

Daniel P Quinn did a reading
“Quintillion’s Quintet 4 Newark” in
Red Wheel Barrow # 10.
 Oct. 4th, 2017 at
William Carlos Williams Ctr.
 with other authors in Rutherford, NJ.

On Fri. 9/30, my Irish work will debut at the GainVille Café Reading Series, in Red Wheelbarrow # 9. 
 The GainVille Café: 17 Ames Av, Rutherford, NJ at 7 PM.
GUEST ARTISTS Ellen Lanese, Anthony Spaldo.

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that *Eire-volution via (Alexander) Bell and the Bronx” has been accepted for Red Wheelbarrow #9 in 2016 also at The Williams Center on 10/5/16.

Books and magazines will be for sale from “organized labor’ to 
“Exits & Entrances: 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond.” ( Daniel P. Quinn has produced and directed from Soho to The Short Play Festival, Irish Institute, Lincoln Center, and OBIE Award as Producer. NPR radio featured “organized labor” w/ Bonnie Grice.

Dual Publications:

Queen V. or (The Rise and Fall of GLORIA VANDERBILT) by Local Knowledge Press and “Eire-volution via (Alexander) Bell and the Bronx,” in 2016,

Francine Trevens compiled and edited 2 of my Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT Books) an intriguing variety of works by award-winning American playwrights.

“Short Plays is a goldmine of terrific plays. Enjoy fine writing, it’s great fun — and mind-expanding — to sit down and read the collection from front to back. Short Plays… will remind you that people are forever quirky, lovable, and fascinating”.

FLT Press review on the web.

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