Empowering Lives, Breaking Chains: A UX Case Study on Combating Domestic Violence

Daniel Prazeres
3 min readApr 16, 2024
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Domestic violence remains a shadow over society, often hidden in plain sight, a reality many endure in silence. It was here, at the intersection of social advocacy and technology, that my colleague Natan Lemes and I, Daniel Prazeres, set our sights on a digital solution for our thesis — “Refúgio”.

Graph shows increase in reports of violence against women (Photo: Agência Brasil)

Through comprehensive research, we unearthed the layers of this issue, which guided our design journey. We created a proto persona, Luísa Lessa, a symbol of countless real-life stories. Her daily struggles, fears, and needs shaped our approach, ensuring we stayed true to the user-centered core of UX.

Identifying her pain points led us to a set of design objectives aimed at education, resource accessibility, confidentiality, and personal empowerment. “Refúgio” began to take shape, a high-fidelity prototype designed not just as an app but as a companion for those in need.

👉 View the Ref Prototype on Figma

As we translated these insights into a tangible solution, we meticulously crafted each element of “Refúgio” to address the identified challenges. We utilized a range of design tools, from Marvel App to Figma, and conducted thorough testing through Maze.co to refine our solution.

Hands On

Our journey doesn’t end with the prototype. “Refúgio” is an open-source project, its code laid bare on GitHub for collaboration, critique, and further development. I invite you to explore, contribute, and help evolve this project further on its mission to offer sanctuary.

👉 Explore the Refúgio Repository on GitHub

Conclusion: A Step Towards Change

“Refúgio” is more than a capstone project for Natan Lemes and me — it’s a commitment, a message, and a stepping stone towards a future where technology serves as a bridge to safety and empowerment.

Thank you for taking the time to understand “Refúgio.” Together, let’s pave the way for a future where every individual has access to safety, support, and empowerment.

“Empowering lives, breaking chains, one design at a time.”

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