Digital Digest July 14th 2017

1. Big News

Net Neutrality

Last Wednesday was the “Net Neutrality Day of Action.” What is Net Neutrality you ask? Since the birth of the web, Internet Service Providers (aka ISPs aka Time Warner, Comcast, T-Mobile aka “the last mile.”) have treated all data equally. That means your cat’s Squarespace blog will be served to you no differently than your bank’s website. If you have YouTube time, HBO’s John Oliver did great segments both three years ago and an update a few months back.

Make no mistake, the reason ISPs treat all data this way is only because of FCC rules. ISPs salivate over the revenue streams that would open up if regulations change. “Hey Amazon/Netflix/ you can either pay us extra to deliver your content at “full speed” or take the free option we call “dial up modem.”

Why it matters

  • In a world without net neutrality, ISPs get to effectively control what is on the web. As we know from digital marketing 101 (and when our mobile data gets throttled), load times matter.
  • While proponents argue that creators and consumers retain the same freedoms, I’d say it’s equivalent to how I am completely free to buy a Gulfstream G650.
  • In a pay to play world wide web, it is easy to see how big web companies become forever entrenched monopolies as their new costs get passed right on to the consumer.
  • Here’s 7 more reasons why we need net neutrality

Daniel’s .000009 BTC

  • The FCC is directed by five commissioners, appointed by the President, under no obligation to acquiesce to public demand.
  • I hate to be a cynic but the forces for repeal are monied, persistent and politically connected to an administration open to their desires.
  • It might not be a bad idea to have ‘break glass in case of emergency’ plans/opportunities for marketing clients.

2. I wish I thought of that

The Internet of Things been waiting for its culture changing “iPhone moment” for quite awhile. In the meantime we’ve all had good fun parodying the actual utility of smart devices. It’s in that vein that Simone Rebaudengo imagined what internet connected toasters might do. His conclusion with Needy Toaster: they automatically sell themselves on Craigslist if you don’t use them enough.

3. Tool of the Week

Pocket is a Chrome extension and suite of mobile/tablet apps that strips ads, headers and all other clutter from articles on the web. It is the absolute easiest and most beautiful way to manage your online reading list (think: DVR for the web). Once you start using it, you’ll never go back.

4. Startup Radar

Yesterday Segment raised another 64 million in a Series C. They are a universal collection point for consumer data that exports to hundreds of tools and databases. They have 15,000+ customers and are good to keep on our radar as they just might become the Google of consumer data.

5. From the Archives

This week’s archive is…a literal archive. Since 1996 The Wayback Machine (a tool from the non-profit Internet Archive) has been caching and storing websites. Pour yourself a glass of Surge, play Tubthumping on max volume, put in your favorite URL and take a trip down memory lane.