Takeaways from what I learned at SAP, and T-Mobile.

First Off, Do Internships Count As Actual Work Experience?

There is this old stigma going around especially in the older generations where people don’t consider “internships” as actual work experience. To these people, an intern’s responsibilities revolve around shuffling papers, and fetching coffee.

Now to be fair, that’s actually true in some instances. For example when I worked at the University of Washington Medical Center (back when I was still on track to becoming a Dentist), I was frequently found cleaning units, scrubbing up laundry, and sterilizing utensils for the better part of a year.

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend my first ever SIC! Although I must say that the prices were higher than expected, in retrospect it was well worth the investment (luckily for me I’m still a student).

Daniel Ra

Graduate Software Engineer @ Morgan Stanley. Former UX Engineering Intern @ T-Mobile. Former UX Design Intern @ SAP. Student at Cornell University.

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