A rule of three

The rule of three, the listing of three items, or, fancily called, the 'tricolon' is said to have simple, but strong persuasive power and is used widely in rhethorics far and wide, spanning across the ideological and linguistic spectrum of the world. And as the saying goes "All good things come in threes." The fact is, also lamentable news and ideas group in threes and that is why I feel compelled to share a set of sadness that revealed itself to me in such a triple quantity over the past 24 hours.

First off Trump wants "the greatest witch hunt in history" to end and get back to running the country. Obviously he was making a pun when he confused "running" with "ruining" the country. As if dismantling a flawed, but well-conceived health care system, blocking people from freely travelilng based on their religious faith or the alienation of respected world leaders was anything but running the ship ('the fine tuned machine', one may add) onto a cliff to shatter and scatter the debris all over?

Second, I heard Theresa May deliver a programmatic manifesto-like speech in which she vowed to create a "true meritocracy". That would be all fine and dandy if the merits of nurses, caregivers, and all the other common people who pay great, but underpaid services to society and for the benefit of the many were included in that 'meritocracy' and adequately renumerated. Instead, this 'meritocracy' in existence and envisioned by May to be perfected benefits the political, financial and investment aristocracy of a close-knit, mostly London-based elite whose real societal merits are highly questionable.

Third, a damning report about overt right-wing extremism in Eastern Germany was just released, casting a dark and dire shadow on the image of a country that has supposedly learned its historic lessons and whole heartedly embraces human rights and an open, tolerant and welcoming society. And it's all of Germany, north, south and west, too, that must bear the blame of having allowed racist and xenophobic hatred to grow in a society in the heart of Europe.

So much for a lamentable rule of three of current developments to which many items could be added, yet shall not, thankfully, due to the strictness of that rule which does not tolerate addition nor subtraction