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Disclosure: The designs and ideas in this post are in no way affiliated with Uber Technologies Inc. This is simply a concept. *Pro tip: If the images are blurry, refresh the story.

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Your Uber is arriving now.

Today is your lucky day! To celebrate your first trip to New York City, a buddy just informed you that he got tickets to tonight’s Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Looks like it’s going to be a fun night!

A few hours later…

You open the door to your Uber. Get in. Say hello to the driver, and ask them how their day has been going because you’re a decent human being after all. Then almost automatically, you reach into your pocket, or bag, and take out your phone. You’re still partaking in the Uber experience physically, but mentally you’re now about to immerse yourself in your smorgasbord of apps to fill the gap in time before you arrive at Madison Square Garden. …


Daniel Rakhamimov

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