Why you should be utilizing social media for yourself and for your business

As we all know social media took the world by storm. With over 1.9 billion monthly users on Facebook, 700 monthly active users on Instagram, over 300 million users on Twitter, and over 158 million users on Snapchat we can conclude that this rapid fire form of communication is making it easier to connect with people around the world. Aside from the memes or funny videos being shared that we look for as we scroll through our feed, there’s something uniquely and unknowingly taking place under the noses of us all!

It Has Never Been Easier To Make A Name For Yourself

Why do I make such a bold claim? It is for the simple fact that with the right knowledge or skill set we can bring information and value to the marketplace and establish ourselves as an authority figure (“expert”) in the field we choose. You should be using social media to bring awareness to your field by providing helpful posts, how-to videos, and anything that can help people fill in the blanks with information and content.

Content Is King

There’s a common misconception that content is the number one thing that will skyrocket your business when using social media for your business, brand, or personal brand. While creating or putting out content is important, providing value is the NUMBER ONE thing you should be doing! As Jim Rohn (successful entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker) would say, “Value makes the difference in results”.


Do not delay it any further. Start finding ways to improve your social media skills. Find out how to utilize Instagram stories, drive traffic from Facebook to your website or other social media platforms, and provide as much value as you possibly can. Make your face recognizable by being everywhere on social media!