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Since I started developing web applications, I have been hearing comments like “TypeError: Cannot read property 'something' of undefined, again??" or "Each time I touch something, something else breaks!". Today, I want to talk about TypeScript: a technology that enables a huge amount of tools that ultimately improves the developer experience to a very superior level. The result? Better delivery of highly scalable, and, in the end, finer software.

What is TypeScript at all?

TypeScript is JavaScript that scales. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. — TypeScript Docs

For me, TypeScript is just a type linting tool. It is…

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About 3 months ago, Ryan Dahl (the inventor of Node.js) gave a talk in JSConf called “10 Things I Regret About Node.js”, were he regrets several design decisions he took over Node.js. About during the half of his talk, he showed us an experimental prototype called Deno that aimed to fix Node.js problems.

Deno has reached v0.1 and I think that it’s on the right way to replace Node.js in the future.

What are the main issues with Node.js?

Any program can write to the filesystem and the network

This might be a security problem, especially when intalling untrusted packages from npm. The crossenv incident is an example. …

Marbles Diagrams will help us testing RxJS Obaservables (📷 from WallpaperUp)

Testing RxJS might be a hard task, specially when we have a complex pipeline with lots of time assertions. In this article we’ll explore how can we make these tests easier to reason about using Marble Diagrams, but first:

What are Marble Diagrams?

Marble Diagrams are visual representation for events emitted over the time. For example, this is the diagram corresponding to an emission from 0 to 3 over the time:

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