The Power Of Rarity.

Its Officially Sunday.

Woke up listening to Dr. Myles Munroe, my favourite Pastor. If you don’t know him yet, please google him. He has some powerful insights that will change your entire life.

He opened up his sermon by asking a a question.He said, “Do you realise that you cannot be duplicated anyway in the world? That you are an original? That no one can copy you?

He goes on to narrate a story on one day when he was in the university and the professor was teaching them about the economic principle of value.

This principle is based on a simple concept called Rarity.

The more rare a thing is, the higher the value!

Have you ever asked yourself why Gold, silver, Diamond & Oil are the most valuable?Everybody wants to own Gold. We envy countries that have oil because its a valuable resource. It all comes down to one thing. They are all Rare.

Rocks and stones are not valuable because they are common. You can find them anywhere. you don’t have to search deep. Anybody can access them.

When you can find a lot of something it becomes cheap

God made a decision before you were conceived that you become permanently rare. No one else is the same as you.They can have the same name as you, but they can never be you! You are an original.

Its important for you to never imitate anyone. Because imitations are cheap,makes you average, like everyone else. You are an original and you are valuable. Your story is unique. You don’t need an opinion about who you are.You are irreplaceable.

The most important thing you can be is yourself

This concept got me thinking deep. Because its what separates the winners and the losers in this game of life. We live in such a dispensation where originality is almost dead. We want to all follow the same path of life. Afraid of taking a different road. Afraid of what people will think. So we remain comfortable in our cocoons.

For you to be GOLD, you got to be rare. It means going south when everyone is going west.It means going the hard road.It means getting to a place where you are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

After i cleared high school, I told my mother that i will not be going to the university. She thought i had lost my mind. She had high hopes in me that one day I will graduate out of university and make her proud.

When the results came out, i had a grade C, meaning that i did not get the required mark to join a regular program in the university. I remember texting my mother my results and she was clearly disappointed. Being a mother though, she encouraged me and said thats not the end of the road.

Inside me i was happy. Happy of the fact that there was now no pressure of me joining university. My Dad had other ideas though. He brought in a friend who was my senior but who i really respected to try talk to me. The idea was for me to either repeat the class in Kenya or go to Uganda and do form 5 and 6, then join university.

I said no to them but i knew i was saying yes to other great opportunities. At the moment i was not clear of what i wanted to do but all i knew was that if i was to do anything then it would be something that i really wanted to do. My mother would occasionally come home with university courses fliers from different universities, providing diplomas which i could start then do a degree, but in all of them i found none!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

September came and all my friends and neighbours were all joining university. At the time we were living in a village so going to university was a big deal. Big ceremonies were done prior to their leaving.I attended some and for the first time i felt like a failure. Soon i will be left at home while everyone is pursuing their dreams! I stayed!

Fast rewind, in school i was the chief love letter writer. Everybody came to me for help when writing letters to their “warembos”(Girls) in different high schools. They could pay me 30 shillings to come up with content, package it nicely( spray some perfume) and finally hand it over to the schools postmaster.

I had the best handwriting in the whole school. Can you imagine that? Yes! Sometimes when the teacher was teaching Physics and am not getting a thing, I could calligraph at the back of the book. I did not kn0w then that i was practising my life’s career at the back of my exercise book!

Fast forward, after high school someone noticed my craft and recommended a school in Nairobi. I immediately researched and found that what i loved was connected to a course called Graphic Design.I fell in love with it, and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I told my mum i finally knew what i wanted to do, and she did not understand exactly what i would be doing but she said YES!

I called a friend who was in Nairobi to go find out about the school. The next day he went and actually found out that interview for January intake were being done the same week on Friday. It was then a Wednesday. My mum called my uncle and coincidentally he was going to Nairobi on Thursday. (Sema things kufall in place)

Thursday came and we were on our way. Friday came and i passed the interview. January came and joined College.

I did what i wanted to do! Got an amazing Job even before i graduated. My boss attended my graduation and mum called me aside and said. I knew you could be something one day son.I looked at her and said…

thank you for believing in me!

Be different. Be you. Have an amazing week!