Testing out of Digital Design Essentials

Hello there. My name is Daniel Sanderson. And for some odd reason, I was able to sign up for Digital Composition 2 without taking Digital Composition 1 (now known as Digital Design Essentials)

With this article, I am hoping to show that I am ready to pass the class.

I will be showing my work according to an email of requirements that I was sent by Dan Hatch.


Lines are what make up shapes. With varying line density, hierarchy and texture between lines can be created.


Shapes can make more shapes when combined. Also, with the use of white/negative space, shapes can be created out of shapes that already exist.


Space between shapes can be shown with shading and density. Also, the size of shapes placed on a horizon can create space.

Web Color Theory

Color is important in order to create consistency and an aesthetic usability effect. It is important to follow specific color wheels, such as: primary, complimentary, etc.

Web Fonts

This is a section of a style guide I created for a concept site I was working on. Fonts and typography are important for not only the aesthetics of your site, but the usability of your site as well. It must be readable along with looking good. For this site, I was going for a minimal and modern look.


These icons also come from the style guide mentioned above. Icons are simple visual indicators as to a function that can be used on a site. they are created with simple lines. It is important that the icons represent a pretty obvious function, otherwise they become useless.

Texture & Photography

Texture is what makes a site have depth. This can be down with colors, gradients, and graphics. Photos can also add texture to a site. Without these aspects of a site, a website would be very bland and awfully hard to look at.

Storyboarding & Planning

Storyboarding and sketching at your ideas for a site should be at the forefront of your design. Conceptualizing an idea gives you an opportunity to fully flesh it out before you finalize it.
After conceptualizing an idea, you can make it more concrete with the use of wireframes. From sketching to storyboarding, planning is vital to the success of a web design.


If you’re going to make a brand, you are going to need a logo. Not only that, designing variations of a logo is important because each logo can be used differently throughout the corresponding company’s sites and apps. The logos should represent the overall style of the brand.

Business Card

I designed a minimalistic business card to reflect my flair of design. I love minimalism. I also made sure to put a description of what my specialties are to avoid any confusion with potential clients

Surface Compostions

Desktop Landing
Mobile Landing

These are the surface comps of the concept site I created. I went for a minimal content creation site. Lets call it a mix of Medium and Youtube. I used the icons, colors, and style that I emphasized in my content and validation guide (as shown earlier)

High Fidelity Prototype

Here is a link to my desktop prototype: https://invis.io/5MNMI4A826Dhttps://invis.io/5MNMI4A826D

Here is a link to my mobile prototype: https://invis.io/QYNMI4OWSF2


This is a collection of work that I am proud of. I am still confused at to why I was able to skip right onto Digital Composition 2. But I hope this work suffices for Digital Composition 1.

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