Amazon Go and the Future of Work

I was pretty amazed by this “product launch” by Amazon. I think they went just that one step further than the retailers I see around with their self-checkout machines.

I was very surprised about all the news, comments and blogs over the last few days talking mostly about the retail jobs that will be gone “next year”. Obviously this is an important issue we need to talk about.

My point here is though, that it is always easy to see where something like this will lead us in the future for our current sectors. What we don’t know though is what other sectors will emerge and maybe substitute the retail sector and its employees. I believe strongly that this won’t be the “end of work”.

Just trying to bring some optimisim to the discussion. As far as I read there are probably as many “future savvy” people saying there will be something else (Marc Andressen) in contrast to those saying there will be nothing left (Elon Musk).

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