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Please strongly encourage physical isolation to your audience now. You will be saving lives and helping mitigate catastrophe.

Hollywood and music celebrities, athletes, youtube and instagram stars, podcast hosts, bloggers, companies with mailing lists, social media platform companies…please take this simple action immediately. Help people who don’t fully understand the situation yet to take this seriously and being physical isolation.

The total number of people infected is much much higher than the reported numbers (we aren’t doing the testing in the US to know how many people are infected, but many hospitals are already getting overwhelmed in US cities).

The number of people infected doubles in about 4 days with normal social behavior. Do the math on 2–3% death rate for a large percent of the total population. …

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Essential design constraint: At all points, the system must vector towards omni-win-win dynamics. (At no points can it incent win-lose dynamics.)

Win-lose taxonomy: Obsoleting the impulse towards win-lose dynamics systemically requires obsoleting each category of win-lose dynamic:

  1. Agent vs other agents
  2. Agent vs the system/commons
  3. Agent vs themselves (parts conflicts)

Win-lose generator function: all types of win-lose dynamics result from the perception of separable interest. Ie, from perceiving various values/agents/metrics within the system as being irreconcilably dichotomous.

Win-lose system processes: in a fundamentally win-lose system where various agents/goals/values are seen as dichotomous and thus competing for scarce resource, the best macro dynamics are achieved through processes of optimization (in the allocation of scarce resource) and game theoretic equilibria (of choice patterns for competitive agents). …

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Advancing Human Sovereignty

Sovereignty relates to the capacity for and demonstration of good (omni-positive) choice-making.

We can define sovereignty more formally as the product of sentience, intelligence, and agency.

Sentience relates to one’s ability to sense the world (including inner sensing of self and vicarious inner sensing of others). It includes qualities like awareness, empathy, mindfulness, depth of feeling, care, sensitivity, compassion, perceptiveness, etc. It represents the sensory capacity of a complex adaptive system. The zenith of the development of sentience is the archetype of the bodhisattva (all aware/ all caring).

Intelligence relates to one’s ability to make sense of the world (processing sensory data to inform action). It includes capacities like critical thinking, systems thinking, lateral thinking, abstraction, discernment, problem solving, design methodology, clarity, total cognitive bandwidth, insight, etc. It represents the information processing capacity of a complex adaptive system. The zenith of the development of intelligence is the archetype of the polymath (all knowing). …

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