It is strange that the author identities and contact information are redacted.
Jun Ruan

CRS Report Author Information

Jun, we intentionally redact the CRS report author information. The ultimate purpose of this website is to encourage Congress to change its policy and publish CRS reports online.

While I think it meritless, one of the concerns raised by CRS in opposition to Congress publishing CRS reports is an (unfounded) fear that lobbyists or others will somehow gain greater access to the authors of the reports and try to bias their analyses or intimidate the authors. I don’t think that greater public accessibility will lead to that result for the reasons described in a lengthy letter we wrote to Congress last year.

However, I would not want this unsupported argument around authorial information to be a barrier to Congress releasing the reports. By showing that redaction is feasible at scale, we can move the debate past this sticking point and encourage the relevant congressional committees to have a conversation with us.

Of course, we publish enough information that anyone who is interested in an unredacted report can simply call their member of Congress and ask for it or search for it online.