Your Online Identity is precious. Protect it at all Costs!!

In my last few blogs, I gave some reasons why we create our online identities. What I’ve been going on and on about is that the sole reason we create our online persona is to get people to know about us and to be liked. This is one major advantage of having an online identity, especially in the vast business world we live in today. Let’s take a look at an example, in my 1st ever blog I posted that I have a passion for photography, and I do have my own photography page. Let’s just say I want to take this as a profession in my life the ability to maintain the interest of an audience and potential customers depends on my online reputation. If I have a bad review I will be left behind from the competition.

So today I want to address the notion that it’s not all pretty in the virtual life with endless possibilities, there is a dark world out there ready to steal your spotlight whenever they get the chance so how do you protect it? I’ve done a bit of research on this query and I landed on this very family friendly site called “The Carnegie Cyber Academy” you can find their website via this hyperlink.

The first tip they gave especially from a marketing point of view you have to create a name which attracts the public’s ear and eye. Anything that sounds cliché, lame or fake can be used against you or might attract unintended audiences. Another valid tip and many people fall victim to this is uploading certain statuses against workmates, family and other business companies without checking their filters prior uploading. This is a common error that has gotten many employees in deep heath with their employers if not unemployed for god knows how long and also again might attract creepy people that lurk in the dark mist of the online world. One small status error has claimed the lives of many young teens because of this. Unless you are running a business I also suggest that your personal details online remain anonymous. So never forget to look at those personal settings.

You also have to be on the lookout what other people post of you. There are certain instances where people whether friends or colleges tag you in an embarrassing post or photo. Let’s just say you are going for a job interview and the employer decides to check your social media, (Which is really easy to do by the way) and he/she discovers all these wild nights drunk photos of you, are you going to get that job? Not likely. Now here I’m not saying you are not allowed to enjoy life to the full but constant monitoring on all your social media is a must. There is a phenomenon called “ego surfing”. This is a good way to monitor yourself by simply searching your name in a search engine of your choice. Make sure that you are not unintentionally tagged in photos even by your friends without your permission, any of these can put you at grave risk of ruining your online reputation. You don’t want to end up in the news feed of someone with unwanted content of yourself.

The last thing and I leave it at this, your online identities/profile and I’m speaking from a personal level here not just in terms of marketing, only include your circle of friends and people that you trust. You never know if amongst your 800–1000 Facebook friends there is a creepy hater amongst them ready to attack you when their chance is great. In the end, your virtual life should represent your best qualities and your ‘bad’ qualities should be left for the real world, so make sure that create a positive online identity of yourself.

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Daniel Scicluna

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