Dylan Taylor — One of the World’s Best Space Investors on the History and Future of Outer Space

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In this episode of Outliers (which is brought to you by Flow), I sit down with Dylan Taylor (@SpaceAdvisor), one of the top 10 investors in space technology in 2019. We discuss:

  • How to invest in space — and actually see a return.
  • How advancements in space, particularly the advent of reusable launch systems, have recaptured humanity’s imagination.
  • The future of space tourism and space manufacturing.
  • How anyone can get involved in space — even if they didn’t study science.

Whether or not you’re interested in space, this conversation about the future of space technology will blow your mind.

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At one point or another, you probably went through a “space phase” as a kid. You studied the planets, begged your parents to send you to Space Camp and walked around in your bouncy “moon shoes” pretending to exist in zero gravity.

Many of us let those dreams go when we started thinking about our careers, including Dylan. In his late 30s, Dylan had some success in the business world, but after reading “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, he began reflecting on one of his earliest passions: space.

Fast-forward to a decade later, and Dylan is now one of the top 10 investors in space technology. He currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, a global space holding firm that acquires and operates companies in the realm of space exploration.

On this episode of Outliers, I speak with Dylan about all things space technology. He explains how space has the capability to change humanity and how he chooses which space companies to invest in. He also discusses the future of space manufacturing and space tourism.

(Spoiler: Space tourism is taking off, and you’ll probably know someone who’s been to space within the next few years.)

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Connect with Dylan

Links from the Episode

Favorite quotes

“I think fundamentally the world, as we move into space and as we venture into the stars, I think we have the ability to reimagine what it means to be human, and my hope is that it’s not just a copy paste of what we have. It’s a reimagining of what we could be.”

“I’m in the camp that is super passionate about space as a tool for transformation. So what energizes me is getting humans into space.”

“We’re going to launch more satellites in 2020 than the history of our civilization prior to 2020 — and that’s in the middle of a global pandemic. In 2021, we’ll set another record. We’ll put tens of thousands of pieces of hardware in orbit over the next 24 months. … It’s enabled business plans that were only conceptual in nature, prior to this launch revolution, and really captured the imagination.”

Big Ideas

Space gives humans a new perspective

Investing in space in the early days…

Angel investors: Plan to make 10+ investments to see a return

Advancements in space tech are recapturing human imagination

The advent of the elevator vs. the advent of reusable launch systems

Three things Dylan screens for when choosing companies to invest in

The importance of building an ambitious team

What if manufacturing moves to space?

Space is a uniter, not a divider

Everyone is in the space industry

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