Top 10 Bodybuilding Books — Best Exercise, Health and Nutrition Books

Books for Bodybuilding, Nutrition and Exercise

Maintaining physical health and wellbeing is vitally important to our success and happiness in life. And in order to reach our health goals, we need to be informed and educated on relevant subjects. Particularly when it comes to athletics and bodybuilding, knowledge is key to success. If you’re a bodybuilder or wish to start becoming a serious weightlifter, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to obtain and absorb information about your new path.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll go over the best books for bodybuilding. These books, written by experienced weightlifters and successful authors, shed a fresh light on all the most important aspects of proper bodybuilding; from exercise routines, to proper form, to diet and beyond. A good bodybuilding book will give you a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the world of bodybuilding.

Why Should You Consider Reading a Bodybuilding Book?

You may be wondering why it’s necessary to read a book (or several) about bodybuilding. After all, isn’t successful bodybuilding about hitting the gym and getting swole? Well, that’s the end goal, yes — but in order to approach this hobby in the right way, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to succeed. By reading good workout books, you can learn the basics, while avoiding many of the potential pitfalls and dangers associated with this rewarding hobby.

For instance, beginners may not realize how important proper form is to successful weight training. Without proper form, your efforts may be wasted as you will not be training in the most efficient way. Worse yet, you will be much more prone to injury and long-term health complications. And, as mentioned, form is just one of the many things you will learn in the best bodybuilding books.

What Can You Expect to Learn in Bodybuilding Books?

The best bodybuilding books, which are often written by successful bodybuilders, can teach you all the ins and outs of weight training. From diet to form to tips and tricks, these books offer it all. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to learn from exercise books:

Proper exercise form/technique
Diet for bodybuilding
Exercise science basics
Proper nutrition
Tips and tricks of successful bodybuilders
Do’s and don’ts of bodybuilding
Information on supplements
How to build muscle efficiently
How to craft a workout plan
How to stay motivated and stick to your plan
How to properly balance work, life, and exercise
How to blend different exercise methods for optimal results
How to customize your exercise plan to fit your goals
How to find success in bodybuilding, while minimizing health risks
Much, much more!

The best books for bodybuilding can take a complete beginner with no strength training experience and turn them into someone who is equipped with the knowledge necessary to reach their strength and fitness goals. Of course, you’ll still have to put in the work at the gym, but you’ll have a huge head start on success by following a guide. And don’t worry — we’ve specifically chosen several good bodybuilding books for beginners on our list to help anyone who is just starting out.

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