Top 10 Weight Training Workouts for Building Mass

Although aerobic exercise can do wonders for your cardiovascular health and general fitness, strength training is equally as essential in reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, and staying healthy. Strength training generally refers to any fitness routine that incorporates weights, or resistance training. More specifically, this type of fitness activity is linked to growing and maintaining strong bones over time, helping to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, and helps reduce the muscle mass that naturally diminishes with age, according to the Mayo Clinic.

While anyone can do resistance training using their own body weight (by doing pull-ups, crunches, standing squats), or using resistance rubber tubing that gets harder as you pull, the best options for building mass and increasing overall muscle composition are incorporating free weights and weight machines into one’s routine. But what are the top strength training workouts that utilize the most muscles in a single group? Here are the Top 10 Strength Training Workouts for Building Mass.

(As a general rule, we suggest trying for 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise, aiming to “max out” when the last two reps of the last two sets of each exercise are reached.)

Click Here 10 Weight Training Workouts

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