Grease Trap Cleaning NJ

If you own a restaurant or have a kitchen setting in a commercial institution, it’s only a matter of time before you need the services of expert Daniel Sexton III, and Grease Trap Cleaning Pros, LLC of New Jersey.

Grease Trap Pros maintain, clean, repair and service all types of grease trap interceptors so they remain in good condition and function at 100% capacity. Fats, oils and greases, also known as (FOG), are an environmental hazard if not processed correctly. Our long standing reputation and customer service in the grease trap cleaning industry, is second to none in New Jersey. Check out the diagram shown below that Dan created showing exactly how a grease trap actually works.

Dan Sexton learned the ropes in this business from his father since the time he was knee high to a grasshopper! It has been Mr. Sexton’s goal to serve all is customers in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.

Grease Trap Cleaning Pros, LLC focus on and concentrate in the safe cleansing and removal of brown and yellow grease sludge and waste water. They employ 35 licensed grease trap technicians who also drive and operate their well maintained fleet of high-tech vacuum pumping trucks.

Dan Sexton’s vacuum truck or vacuum tanker is a type of tank truck that has a pump and a tank, designed to pneumatically suck liquids, sludge, grease, both yellow and brown, used cooking oils, slurries or sand/water mixtures without the contact of any mechanical equipment. They are used to transport sanitary waste, raw waste grease, sludge, as well as for some industrial liquids and all environmentally dangerous types of waste water. Grease Trap Pros pumpers are specially rigged and equipped with a high pressure pump if we need to clean out and filter sewer waste from sand and other bio-food based debris.

Vacuum pumping trucks are used to transport the collected material to a treatment or disposal site, for example a sewage treatment plant.

Mr. Sexton’s company services and works with hospitals, public schools, colleges, restaurants, cooking schools, commercial institutions, smaller diners and any business that produce and accumulate waste oils and (FOG).

As a side note, we’ve included an awesome and informative YouTube video just below for your perusal. It’s all about how vacuum pumper trucks are manufactured and operate. Enjoy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on grease trap cleaning, and how Dan Sexton’s team of waste management professionals take care of their valuable customers and businesses in New Jersey.

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Dan :-)