Stories Storm Digital Space — Is Snapchat in Trouble?
Leslie Park

Great idea to combine the temporary-feature with the permanent feature seeing how Snapchat, from a business standpoint, is always trying to keep its users on the platform and engaged for as long as possible.

After going through all of the stories and featured content, I would normally leave the app but if I could view my friends’ snaps which they have personally curated then I would be on there 3x longer.

Snapchat would have to change how they store snaps on their servers since storing snaps in Memories takes up memory in our smartphones. Probably similar to how Instagram lets you save everything on their own servers so your memory stays untouched.

Hmm, so what would you tell someone who would say that Snapchat is just then biting off Instagram now with this permanent curated content? Is this all just another inevitable part of the feature wars that the social media platforms are playing amongst themselves?

Awesome read!

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