How Can Start Generating Leads Using LinkedIn


When comparing the professional networking site to all the other social platforms combined, LinkedIn generates over 80% of leads for B2B marketers. In Josh’s case, its B2B(2C) business plan includes a final component where the integrators sell the product directly to the homeowner.

For this post, I will focus on how can increase its revenues by generating a large portion of its integrator leads using LinkedIn. Now, although it is more difficult to boost the number of overall impressions on LinkedIn compared to say.. Twitter, the metric we really care about is conversion rate which is 68% higher on LinkedIn.

It’s all about the conversion rate.

In my experience, this is largely due to the fact that not all social media platforms are treated equal.

  • Facebook is great at hyper-targeting its audience and providing them with highly-relevant content thanks its Like button and Reactions emoticons
  • Instagram is great at leveraging influence marketing and sponsored posts to drive leads and promote brand awareness, mostly for the younger generations
  • Twitter is great at helping followers stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates
  • LinkedIn is excellent at building communities of professionals where anyone can connect with anyone and build working relationships. It is the only major platform for which usage rates are higher among 30-to-49 year olds than among 19-to-29 year olds (source: Pew Research Center, 2015)

Actionable Steps To Start Generating Leads

Format the company’s LinkedIn page to perform as a lead generation page

Currently, (JStar LLC) has no official LinkedIn company page. The first action I would take would be to create the company page and develop a simple but effective pitch in the company description. The goal would be to hook visitors in the first two sentences and get them to click, “See More”.

Example pitch,

“Josh is a voice activated home automation system that welcomes you home by automatically turning on the kitchen lights, closing the garage door, and playing your ‘home at last’ playlist. See how you can make your house life easier and secure with Josh.”

By refining the company page and communicating Josh’s value proposition in a clear way, the chances of leading up to a conversion action will be much higher. This can include a clickthrough to the website or the Recent Updates section on the company page.

From there, visitors can learn more about the company including what Josh specializes in, its product offerings, and a link to the site.

“Viewers are 64–85% more likely to inquire further after watching a product video.” — Kissmetrics

Once a visitor clicks on the link, I recommend showing this video on the “Get Josh” page where you can either convince them to contact the company directly or have them to sign-up for your e-mail newsletter. Product videos are a powerful way to quickly evoke emotions and intrigue, especially with such a small window of opportunity to hook them.

“Reading is all about thinking, video is better at getting us to feel.” — Liraz Margalit (PhD) Head of Behavioral Research at Clicktale

Use Advanced Search to Gain Leads

You can leverage LinkedIn’s other platform features like advanced search to develop customer profiles and reach out to them.

Advanced search allows you to take access LinkedIn’s database of over 500 million professional users and narrow down your search. You can focus your efforts by identifying integration businesses and companies based on their location, fortune, size, keywords, relationship (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree connections), industry, groups, title, and more.

Linkedin — Advanced Search

The advanced search feature is free to use and is the single most powerful tactic for identifying interested prospects. I imagine Josh’s network of integrators to be healthy at the company’s current stage. By using the advanced search feature to leverage your existing connections, the chances of finding warm prospects at the first and second level can be much greater for the company.

Saved Searches

The best way to automate new generation leads is to set up saved searches. This feature allows you to save different combinations of customer criteria you wish to specifically target. The feature would also be a great place to start if the company started to thinking about exploring new customer opportunities in different regions or industries in the near future.

It also has an alert feature which notifies you via e-mail anytime an individual or company matches the criteria of your advanced search. In effect, save searches acts as an automatic lead generator that will send weekly notices directly to you the moment they surface.

Search Groups

With over 2 million existing groups on LinkedIn, you can bet that some of Josh’s existing target audience members are active in these groups. These groups can potentially provide you with blocks of leads and open up opportunities to funnel them through your sales funnel.

Some things to consider when searching groups:

  1. LinkedIn ranks groups according to their activity level, so make sure to pay close attention to how active these groups are in the search results
  2. ‘Very active’ = pursue
  3. Focus on groups that have a medium number of members because you don’t want your message to be drowned out by too much noise
  4. Avoid groups with too few members, unless they themselves are active on LinkedIn

Publish Content

Content generation on LinkedIn can lead to successful posts for companies since the audience already exists within the platform. Josh can publish its own content on to:

  • share success stories with other potential integrators thinking about working with
  • grow their branding efforts or partnership announcements
  • announce new product features, improvements, or changes coming to
  • become a thought-leader in artificial intelligence and home automation
  • make a call-to-action (CTA) by having readers download your white paper, sign-up for your newsletter, learn more about the company, or contact you for a demonstration

These are only a few of the tools and features LinkedIn provides B2B businesses that can help build great momentum for Aside from spending little to no money to utilize these tools, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to allow the company to identify, locate, and connect with integrators from all over the world. Attracting prospective clients doesn’t have to be an arduous process of chasing down leads and wasting heaps of resources.

It only takes one determined and focused-individual to set up a working system using LinkedIn to target the right audience, attract the highest ROI customers, and keep an open channel to the market for you.

Let’s talk!

*Note* — I do not represent or speak on behalf of or their integrators

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