Creating an MVP with NO programming experience

How many times have we heard “in order to create a tech MVP you must have to know how to code”….

I know when I was learning about this game, those are the words I heard often. Now, you can either let those words deflate you or you kind find ways to work around other peoples beliefs. If you want to make it in this world, you have to learn that almost anything is able to be accomplished.. We just have to get creative.

So if you ask yourself how can I build a website with no programming experience? The simple answer is going to be “go find a programmer and pay them” or “go find a programmer and give them equity”. Now I am not saying going out there and following this advice will cause you to fail, because it won’t, I am just saying their are new ways to test your idea before you have to take this step or feel comfortable taking this step.

The way that I look at an MVP is creating a functional product containing the least amount of features to allow you to find product market fit and begin gaining feedback from paid users.

So if you have basic computer skills there is no reason why you can’t create a product to get an understanding of how your market feels about your idea… let me explain.

Enter Wix (Squarespace, Weebly). These platforms allow us to build functional websites without being able to program but have recently implemented HTML5 add-on’s to increase functionality of these sites. I know programmers are out their saying “these sites are shitty” “there’s not functionality” “your limited” and you know what we tell them. WERE CREATING A FUCKEN MVP. Once we reach a point where a programmer is needed to scale or to add features, we’ll be in touch but before this happens you better validate that idea of yours.

So don’t underestimate the power of these new platforms. With a little creativity and use of outside HTML code you can create a functional site to test your market and gain users. (Check out our site The advantage wix has over just creating a landing page to push your target market to are:

  • allows you to direct your market to a functional product they can interact with
  • allows you to test design, gather feedback and begin iterations on a small scale
  • begin earning revenues & making sales
  • build out your design.(will allow you to give a programmer a better idea of what your looking for in the future)
  • allow you to get recognition from start up platforms and bloggers
  • begin to build momentum
  • attract better programmers (see proven revenue, idea validated)
  • build Credibility with investors
  • most of all. allows you to reduce your risk & find out if no one gives a shit about your idea.

I am not going to lie, you ARE limited by the use of these sites because back end code can not be implemented. So YES their are certain features that cant be added. BUT there are ways to work around a lot of these troubles you will come across, you just have to get creative.

Now we have done a lot of networking, interviews, featured on podcasts and the such and no one even realizes that our site was developed through wix. So for those of you who want to create a start up, don’t let the thought of you not knowing how to program hold you back. Just find a way and make it happen.

So you can either go ahead and spend a lot of money and hire a programmer, spend a lot of your time learning how to code, give equity to a programmer or you can stop whining and figure out a way to start the process. And don’t believe any body that tells you that these platforms are not a good way to start the process.

Begin the process, gain your first users, gain momentum (possibly traction), figure out the market, test how you want to market & push this market towards a functional product all with the click of a mouse.