Police still Blind to illegal Houses of Prostitution STILL Going on in Maine, at least in Waterville, And they are helping teens lose their virginity?

“Why do prostitutes when they get straight always try and get so prim? It’s like long-repressed librarian-ambitions come flooding out.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

WATERVILLE, ME — I was talking to a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, over skype. He is another one of those “Teens” that have a hard home life, a less than comfortable church life, and much of the general problems that most teens his age face. He originally contacted me because he had a familiarity with my articles and we developed a kind of rapport.

I do not know his proper name but from ongoing conversations from him, I know:

  • He is a 16 year old boy who is socially awkward.
  • He has had little success with his love life, with his schooling, and his job.
  • Like most boys his age, he is not part of the football team, or other extracurricular activities and is striving to find his place in this world.

During the course of the conversation, we talked of life, the universe, and everything. He did not get the promotion at his job. He is averaging an 85% in English Lit. (GOOD JOB!) He has yet to be able spark a romantic interest in his life. Then, he made the following statement;

“Daniel, I have some really good news, do you promise that you won’t be mad?”

I told him not to worry, I am just an internet friend. I am not some sort of Creeper, and my agenda does not entail the social destruction of High School students. What he said next shocked me!

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”- Aristotle

“Daniel, I am no longer a virgin. A friend of mine took me to a place call ‘Relaxalon,’ and I was able to pick out this hottie. I GOT IT ON! Don’t be mad, I really respect you, but I just could not wait anymore.”

I asked him why did he think I would be disappointed that he lost his virginity?

He said that he did not have a dad in his life, and he views me as a father figure.

I told him that I believe that after the age of 13, he has a better sense of consequences. He is able to make more choices for himself. I told him my belief is based on the Jewish custom that a child becomes an adult at the age of 13. However, the Bible gives no direct support to the age of 13 always being the age of accountability. It likely varies from child to child. A child has passed the age of accountability once he or she can make a decision of faith.

Again, he asked if I was mad at him.

I told him “No, but I hope you did use a condom.”

His response caused me grave concern. He told me that this woman wanted to make his first time special, so she told him he did not have to use a condom.

After this bit, I changed the subject to what his opinion was in regards to the “Trump Election.”

After the talk ended, I was in a state of shock. What the heck is a “Relaxalon?” Why are they allowed to have sex with teens? So, I looked it up on the internet.

The very first listing shocked me. It was on Craigslist:

“Relaxalon — w4m (Waterville) ME

age: 30

The woman at Relaxalon are looking for men who want a little one on one adult entertainment.

We have been in Waterville for over 20 years. Please call (@#$) @#$-@#$% for more info.” Found at http://maine.craigslist.org/cas/5973788239.html

Even writing this, I am in a state of utter confusion. As far as I know, prostitution was never allowed in the state of Maine. In fact, I thought that this sort of thing was considered Slavery, Human Trafficking or some other horrible offense.

Yet, here is a current admission of guilt that was posted just today, 1/24/2017.

Some might say that it is a safe place for women who choose the “World’s Oldest Profession” to practice. Unfortunately, “safe” also means the use of Drugs to keep women in the scenario.

If this is a safe place, then why are high school students able to utilize their services? Why are there no regulatory agencies to make sure that the women are not being physically, mentally, or emotionally abused?

After further research, I have discovered that the “Relaxalon” has been in the news many times in regards to Prostitution. I believe it is time to either make the whole practice legalized so the “Hookers” won’t “Hook” the minors and would be strictly regulated, or the city of Waterville needs to move in line with Municipal, State, and Federal Laws, and close down this long operating business front of prostitution.

“How do you expect to have responsible adults if you don’t have responsible parents? How do you expect to have a responsible government if you don’t have a responsible society?”