Tips For Home Designing With LED Light Panels

Lighting is a major concern while remodeling or redesigning your home interiors. In the recent times, LED lights have emerged as a viable option for cost-effective and better lighting solutions. But, you need to choose them wisely.

While redesigning the interiors of your living spaces, it is primarily important to consider the right type of lighting. LED lights like waterproof ceiling panels are widely used and recommended by interior designers across the world. These lights are cost-effective and maintenance-free with a sustainable life term. Moreover, LED lights reduce the carbon footprint of your home by a substantial percentage. You can get them installed in any part of your house but after a careful consideration of certain factors.

Firstly, remember that lighting must be chosen as per the requirements of individual spaces. While you must have a bright lighting effect in your living room, kitchen should be installed with wide angle lights and bedrooms with accent lights. So, before you find a local distributor or wholesaler who deals in the best LED lights, here are certain things you must keep in mind for installation of these lights.

Choose The Right Type Of Panel Lights:

It is utmost important to choose the lights that suit the requirements and installation capacity of a room. For wet areas like bathrooms, you must prefer waterproof panel lights. However, always choose a product having strong structure and long-lasting glue-based protection from water ingress.

Right Placement Must Be Ensured:

Whenever you decide to install LED panel lights in your home, you need to ponder over their right placement as well. You should never install these lights in the corners of rooms. To avoid flickering lights, never place LED panels within the diameter of a fan. You must maintain a proper distance between the ceiling fan and these down-lights. Most importantly, choose lighting as per the height of ceilings in your home. If the ceilings are high, you must use a more powerful lighting system.

Consider Proper Distribution Of Light:

If you require better illumination with lesser power consumption, you should consider choosing the right power in LED lights. Usually, lower power lights can easily fulfill your lumen requirements as compared to the higher power versions. This system will provide even distribution of light throughout your room without escalating the electricity costs. For proper lighting effects, always maintain right distance between ceiling panel lights and also, choose them in appropriate power.

Choosing the Right Color Temperature:

The selection of a proper color temperature in LED lights depends heavily on requirement of light. Cool white shade of light gives better efficiency of lights while warm whites have lower light efficiency. On the other hand, warm shades have high CRI as compared to cool white lights. Hence, you should choose the color according to the utilization of spaces. Warm white LED panels are appropriate for spaces requiring better color rendering. However, for working and reading areas, prefer cool whites for better and brighter lighting effects.

These are the tips to choose and install LED panels in your home interiors. Whenever you buy any such product from a local distributor or wholesaler, always choose the best quality lights having better heat dissipation, high-speed start, high brightness, and stable performance. Consider buying them only from the reliable distributors or wholesalers who deal with the best LED light panel manufacturers in China.

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