VBA Excel Password Breaker: Remove Excel Macro Password

VBA also known as Visual Basic for Application is a programming language used by Microsoft Excel to automate tasks by creating user defined functions. Some common uses of VBA macro are mentioned below:

  • Automate tasks which are performed regularly
  • For creating custom command
  • Developing new workbook functions
  • For creating custom Excel add-in

Above you have read why Excel VBA macro is created.

Now for security reasons, users may protect their macro file with password so that unauthorized users cannot access your Excel VBA code. But the real problem arise when the password you have created get lost and forgotten. At that time you may look for a solution to crack VBA Excel password. Hence in this article I am going to tell you about VBA Excel password breaker tool which allows you to remove Excel macro password and generate new password.

Software Overview

VBA Excel password breaker software is an advanced and effective solution to crack VBA Excel password easily in just few clicks. The software is designed in such a way that it not only remove lost Excel macro password but also create new password which can be use to access your VBA file. With the help of this utility you can crack VBA Excel password of any character length and the graphical user interface of the software is easy to use, even a person with less technical knowledge can also use this application easily.

Key Features of VBA Excel Password Breaker

  • Remove lost and forgotten password from Excel macro file
  • Automatically creates new password to use
  • Remove password of any type and length
  • Support Windows 8, 7, XP and all blow versions

Working Procedure of the Software

  • Download and install VBA Excel password breaker tool on your system and browse the file to the software.
Browse File
  • Once you add the file to the software it will remove Excel macro password.
Password Removed
  • After that you can see the new password in software’s recovery details panel.
New Password

For more information and to download the software visit: http://www.vbapasswordrecovery.net/