CryptoFlip Cars: A Next Gen Crypto Game

CryptoFlip is a game company dedicated to creating fun and exciting games using blockchain technology. On March 24th at 12:00 PST they will be releasing CryptoFlip Cars. CryptoFlip Cars cards are unique trading cards on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can own them and trade them for a profit. Even after your card is bought, you will be forever recorded as previous owner on the Blockchain.


All players will be able to participate in dividends. Car company owners will be get dividends from every model sold as well as every car sold. Model owners will get dividends from every car sold, and Car owners will get dividends on the next four sales of the car they own.


Each card will have ad space on it that will benefit the owner. Advertisers can add a link to the ad to drive players to their site.


The new price for each card is automatically set at 160%, but if you want to get ahead of the competition, you can hit the LEAP button and put in your own price. This can help insure you get the card if someone else has put in a bid at the same time.


The CryptoFlip Garage is where you will see the cars you own and the dividends you have collected. You can withdrawl them at any time.


After a sufficient number of Companies, Makes, and Cars have been put out on the marketplace, CryptoFlip Cars will be adding a whale card for the entire auto industry which will collect dividends on every trade made in the game.

The next development following will be the ability to challenge other cars to a race. You will be able to bid as much as you like up to and including the ownership of your car.

We will also shortly launch a Chinese language toggle site to open the market for Chinese players.

Cyrptocurrency is the biggest invention since the internet and will be weaving itself into every aspect of our lives. This new, smart, money is nearly frictionless and extremely functional. CryptoFlip Cars is a great way to get a feel of the enormous potential of cryptocurrency.

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