Getting into the Blogger/Vlogger Life, Watch Out!

2017 hit me in numerous ways. At 3:04am, I’m writing this post (story?) to you, not even knowing if you will read this to update you on my journey.

Recently, Damon (coaching partner) and I got on a Skype call, and talked about the future of everyone efforts when it comes to MBTV. Being on the MBTV YouTube channel can be frustrating at times, not being able to get the kind of exposure I need to make the difference in the world. Yes, that means leads, helping people through services. I know. But also, MBTV is a very niche-driven space for a niche that isn’t mine.

That was obvious. We had come to the conclusion in that discussion that I’m going to be blogging/vlogging more. Sure, there is a lot of logistical reasons, but for the most part, I’m actually a stronger writer then I am a YouTube “personality.” I hate being politically correct.

Anyways, I’m going to writing A TON, and I want you to be a part of that journey, and the journey of my life on my personal channel. Links will be below, but anyways, I’m going to write here more often, and I hope to see you here more too.

With Love,


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