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Daily Blog 04 | Commit to something and be confident!

Well this is day 4 of my Daily Blog series. I told myself “Danny if you want to be a better writer and create interesting stories you gotta be confident and commit to it!” Well by now I probably would have quit. To tell you the truth I was a lazy spoiled kid. I grew up having anything I wanted. I didn’t need to work hard to get something. So I now have to retrain myself to commit to something and have confidence. I have to retrain my mind to work hard to get something I want. Its hard, but gosh darn it i’m going to get it.

So right now i’m starting slow and working my way up. At times I get unmotivated and just watch lots of TV. That’s my laziness kicking in. At times I just want to quite because I get frustrated and cant do it. That’s my spoiled side lashing out. I know its not to late to turn this around. I just need to be patient and do things at a slow pace. But you know what. When I am working really hard on something and improve, it makes me feel good. Just like this blog i’m doing right now. I said 3 days ago I was going to do a blog for a month and see what happens. Well here I am day 4 of Daily Blog. I am so happy I am doing this. Before I wouldn’t have the confidence to post on a blog on Medium and here I am now typing away at this blog. I see real improvement here and I feel it too.

I am going stick to this blog for 26 more days. If takes me all night to write a blog post then so be it. I want to be confident in my writing and I want to commit to something because it makes me feel happy. I want to accomplish something and not be afraid to fail. If I get some negative comments, so what. That’s what life is about. You show your work and people step all over it, but you don’t give up and you don’t care what others say about it. I don’t know where this blog series will take me, but it has inspired me to start writing more and more. I already started a short story and I hope its done before this blog or right after. Hell if I can get paid for writing someday that would be awesome.

I wanted to share this little thought I had today about my blog series. I will continue this blog series because I feel its helping me with my confidence. Also my short story will be super awesome I cant wait till its done. There’s going to be artwork. All hand made by my wife. Once I get past this confidence writing hurdle i’m going to work on my speaking confidence. I have really taken a liking to listening to books lately and I think a reader/listener would like to hear the writers character voices. So before I release my story I will read the book on audio and place it in medium.

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing. — Theodore Roosevelt

Signing off.